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US debut of Midas PRO2/PRO2C at NAMM 2012


Digital goes Midas goes Compact – now shipping the U.S.


Anaheim, January 2012: NAMM 2012 marked the US debut of the Midas PRO2 and Midas PRO2C live audio systems, the latest additions to the PRO Series of digital consoles. Now shipping in the US, the PRO2 and PRO2C take the audio quality, performance and values of the top-end Midas XL8, and make them available at a price point well below the market average for a general-purpose digital mixing console. They are also the first Midas consoles to boast an iPad control app.

Despite being the smallest and least expensive Midas digital consoles, the PRO2 and PRO2C represent a quantum leap forward for digital mixing, both in technology and concept. Essentially the same console, the PRO2 hosts eight more physical input faders than the aggressively compact PRO2C, which is roughly the width of a typical 24-channel analog console.

Both versions of the console share the same high quality components and finish as the rest of the PRO Series, including the legendary Alex Cooper-designed mic preamps, A-D converters, and daylight-viewable screens. Similarly, all Midas Digital features are on board, including latency management, POPulation Groups, FX engines and Klark Teknik graphic EQs. In addition, all Midas digital console showfiles are fully cross-compatible, allowing a show written on a PR02/PRO2C to run on a PR03, PRO6, PRO9, or XL8 – and vice versa. Thus, the PRO2 offers a reassuring continuity across the PRO Series platform while providing its deep functionality and exceptional sound quality in a vastly reduced footprint.

The PRO2 features three modes of channel navigation: FOH Normal, MON Normal and Advanced, allowing engineers to easily and efficiently mix a large number of inputs on a very compact control surface. Advanced navigation mode enables one of the greatest innovations found in the PRO2: MCA (Master Control Association) groups. These operate in a similar way to the established VCA (Variable Control Association) groups, but are specific to the selected bus. When the PRO2/PRO2C is in Advanced navigation mode with MCA navigation engaged, the MCA faders control the contributions of their members only to the currently selected bus. When combined with the ‘hide unassigned channels’ feature, this becomes a unique and powerful mixing tool, which places the PRO2 consoles in a league of their own for innovation and usability.

Because the PRO2 can be operated in a number of different ways, it comes loaded with console templates to allow progressive exploration of new and powerful navigation concepts. In Normal mode, operation is similar to many other digital consoles, providing the engineer with a familiar feel. The Advanced navigation features can then be implemented as the operator becomes more comfortable.

Finally, the Midas PRO2/PRO2C is the first Midas product to provide compatibility with a new iPad application. The Midas iPad app permits the user to control remotely wirelessly, all console fader positions including inputs, outputs and VCA faders. It will allow remote control of all onboard GEQ, and also provide the operator with a real-time console overview, including all input and output meters on the PRO2. This new application will be rolled out to all other Midas digital consoles in the near future.

PRO2/PRO2C features:

  • New iPad application
  • 56 mic/line inputs with Midas mic preamps
  • 64 input channels
  • 28 100mm long-throw faders (20 on PRO2C)
  • 32 analog outputs (including 2 stereo local monitor outputs)
  • 2 AES3 outputs
  • 2 AES3 inputs
  • 27 sample-synchronous, phase-coherent buses
  • 6 stereo FX engines
  • Up to 28 Klark Teknik DN370 31-band Graphic EQs
  • 8 VCA (Variable Control Association) groups
  • 6 POPulation groups
  • 192 MCA (Master Control Association) groups
  • 15-inch daylight-viewable display screen
  • 48 x 16 x 100m digital snake included

The standard Midas PRO2/PRO2C system consists of a control surface and one DL251 rack-mount I/O unit (5U), connected by a networked audio and data system. The network carries both proprietary control data and open architecture AES50 digital audio, and uses standard CAT-5E or CAT-6 cabling and connectors. PR02 and PR02C are network-compatible with all other Midas digital systems and I/O devices. Physically, the PRO2 control surface is 46.5 inches (1180mm) wide and weighs in at just over 101 pounds (46kg), while the smaller PRO2C is 34.7 inches (882mm) wide and tips the scales at less than 82 pounds (37kg).



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