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Xombiewoof’s “How To” – How to pick the right Bass Guitar

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bass-guitar-wallpaper-8Choosing the perfect bass guitar is a highly personal experience. Every instrument sounds and feels differently to the individual playing it. You have to get a feel for the instrument before you can decide which one meets your needs and standards as a musician.

If you`re new to the bass guitar, the best way to start is to decide what kind of music you want to play. If you`re strictly into jazz, you`ll want to look for bass guitars that are constructed more for jazz players. Likewise, if you`re a rocker through and through, you`ll want to opt for a traditional rock-styled bass.



If you`re shopping for a bass guitar, here are a few features you`ll need to know about:

Body Shapes and Styles

Bass guitars can be found in hollow, semi-hollow and solid body styles. Solid body guitars are capable of being amplified at a much higher volume than hollow-bodies, which can be prone to feedback at higher levels. Solid bodies also offer more sustain sound. Since they rely on amplification rather than on resonance, solid-body guitars are extremely responsive to sound effects. Since a sound chamber isn`t as important on a solid-body, these bass guitars can be found in a wide variety of funky shades and sizes. Solid body basses are generally preferable for those who are playing hard rock, heavy metal, punk and classic rock.

Hollow body bass guitars produce a more acoustic-oriented sound than either solid bodies or semi-hollow bodies. A hollow body bass depends more on the natural resonance of its sound chambers. On the downside, hollow body basses can`t be amplified to extremely high levels, as can solid-bodies. Jazz players vastly prefer hollow body basses because of the authentic acoustic sound that they produce.

Semi-hollow bodies are a great mix for all kinds of musical genres because they offer rich, warm tones and sustained overtones, coupled with a resonance that almost sounds acoustic. Semi-hollows can also be amplified to a much higher volume level than hollow body basses. Country musicians, jazz musicians and many classic rock and pop musicians prefer semi-hollow basses.

Tone Woods

Guitars and basses produce different sounds based on the tone woods used in their construction. Hard woods, such as maple, walnut, ebony, koa and rosewood have a brighter, more percussive tone. Softer woods, such as alder, swamp ash and basswood, produce a warm, mellow tone. For a happy medium, many luthiers prefer using mahogany, which is medium-hard and offers the best qualities of both hard woods and soft woods.

Try It Out First

If you`re not sure whether or not playing the bass guitar is right for you, it`s a good idea to experiment a bit before you purchase one. By borrowing a friend`s bass guitar or renting one, you can practice on it to get the feel of the instrument in your hands. A reputable music store will also provide you with opportunities for trying out instruments before you decide to purchase them.

Watch the Price

Since you`re brand new to the instrument, you probably shouldn`t spend a lot of money for your first bass guitar. Otherwise, you could end up with a costly wall hanger decorating your den. Get the absolute best quality instrument at a price you can afford and then spend an ample amount of practice time with it. After you`ve gotten some musical chops and developed some basic skills, if you decide to continue playing, you can invest in a better model.
If you`re considering
bass guitar options or other options toward furthering your musical hobby, make sure that you do your homework first.

Once you`ve done a bit of research and learned to identify exactly what you want, you`re sure to find that fabulous bass guitar of your dreams.


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