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Blood of the Sun – Burning on the Wings of Desire


CD Review – Blood of the Sun Burning on the Wings of Desire

On Listenable Records

Review by Joseph Timmons – Xombiewoof Magazine




Blood of the Sun was formed in 2002 and their goal from the beginning has been to carry on the tradition of the classic rock style of the ’70’s, a time when every teenager wanted to “rock and roll and night, and party everyday”. I would say that this soon to be iconic band is right on track. The days of denim and leather, blaring amps and drum solos from hell, long hair and custom vans, the glory days of rock. Growing up in New York and going to clubs like the Right Track Inn and Sundance in Bayshore, I have seen my share of 70’s Rock Bands, Some of the greats and some not so great, and Blood of the Sun is a big trip on “The Way Back Machine”.



Blood of the Sun has captured the sound of power chord rock in their latest release Burning on the Wings of Desire, reminiscent of groups like Deep Purple and Thin Lizzy, the “live the life” feeling is in every beat. This is pure Rock and Roll Music at its best, full and vibrant rhythms and excellent timing – driving overtones and serious composition. This band has the promise of bringing back the sound that made going to the show so important in the concert scene. Track for track, this is a great album and shows the bands influences and is a tribute to an era of music that shaped the lives of millions. From the first tracks “Let it Roll”, ”Burning on the Wings of Desire” and “Can’t Stop my Heart” to the last “The Snitch” and “Good and Evil” Blood of The Sun wields motor city madness.



What makes Burning on the Wings of Desire such a freakin’ sweet hot album is the well timed use of keyboards and straight on timing – gotta’ love cowbell. The drummer has a rock steady beat and keeps the timing perfect for short bass solos and effect laden guitar fills and sound that make it easy to fall in love with the music, which is what it is all about, the music. Like a song on the album, I’ve got a “Good Feeling” about this band.

Burning on the Wings of Desire is time capsule of a little bit of every great on stage band and every #1 hit of the 70’s. seriously, this is a second coming of everything that made the rock scene what it was and can be again, check them out on their MySpace page and listen to their tracks on iTunes, see what’s rockin in the house tonight!

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