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Made in American Makes America Shine like Glass – Unbreakable

Made in American Makes America Shine like Glass – Unbreakable

CD Review: Ladysman by Lance Glass

By Joseph Timmons – Xombiewoof Magazine

ladysmanINS(1)Ladysman, the newest offering by Lance Glass is strong and bluesy album, that is rich with personal conviction.

Lance has struck it big with a selection of songs the reflect a man with strength and honor, and a belief that real man stands up to the world. If it seems like I am gushing or on a trip of wax poetic, I really like this album, homespun rock and soul, full of jazzy riffs and blues based beats and back rhythms. But like the title of the first track of this red white and true album, “Do I need a Reason” to love this cd?

Each song is a story unto themselves, coming to life in the ears and working towards the heart, Lance give tribute where it’s due and asks a question or two when needed. This album is a tribute to the real world, wanting and working towards a goal of a better life. Lance’s style reminds me of Eddie Money, Bruce Springsteen and Rick Springfield, the guy next door kind of person, the everyday man that wants to bring home the bacon and be able to pay the bills, a beer on Saturday night and good Baseball game or an evening out with the one true love.

The Track Titles: “Climbing up the Mountain”, “Made In America”, “Perfect Storm” Trapped”, “Can’t Help but Wonder”, “Firestorm”, ”Fortuneteller” and “Silently I Scream” – Lance reaches down and grabs a hold of the hand of a friend, and helps them up from the ground, Lance Glass is that Man we all want to be, Honest, Noble and Respected.  You can hear it in his music, and feel it in your bones.

I would like to personally thank Lance Glass for doing such a great job on this album, being a true Musician, Performer and American, you have done this industry a great service by recording this album, and I know that once our readers listen to it, they will love it to.

Reach out to Lance Glass at Http://, on Facebook and as soon as I find out when, I will update this article to reflect his Videos.

While researching this, I learned that Lance, like myself, is a native New Yorker – I have a new Hometown Hero.

Good Day and God Bless.


Personal Note:

One track that stands out most to me is one titled “Don’t Want to have to Explain” which is a remembrance to the children of Sandy Hook Elementary that lost their young lives on December 14th, 2012. That day for me would never be forgotten, it was my 47th Birthday, a day where I and my loved ones were celebrating my life, several who had yet to learn what life was all about was losing theirs. Now that I have heard this song, I can say that there are some things that cannot be explained, and one should not have to. I feel, and I could be wrong, But this song gives me the impression that we need to stop coming up with excuses for the bad things that happen, and try to find a way to heal the pain and suffering, and make sure that this is not repeated, in this song Lance Glass gives those children and brave souls the respect they deserve.

Thank You Lance, for helping me with this song – Joseph Timmons





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