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CD Review – Jumpin’ Java: A Smooth Bebop Blend

Jumpin’ Java: A Smooth Bebop Blend By The Rich Severson Quartet

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Album Review by Joseph Timmons: Xombiewoof Magazine

JumpinJavaIcover_smallJazz is a truly mysterious blend of limitless chords, of harmonics and un-syncopated rhythms. Jazz is the music that frees the soul and moves with an energizing spark that lights up the night. Since its inception Jazz is a course of music that is an entity unto itself and is never the same song twice. I have known Jazz Musicians that can play in a studio then play the same song live and it sounds completely different. The great jazz artists of our times are legendary musicians shrouded in shadowy clubs and guarded secrets of the ins and outs of the musical trade. No matter what style of music one may claim to adore, the same person will also like Jazz, it is in every heart and soul or every music lover, from its gentle single note riffs to the massive leg twitching, dance motivating ensembles, Jazz is everywhere and in everything.

The Rich Severson Jazz Quartet’s album Jumpin’ Java: A Smooth Bebop Blend is a collection of triumphs in Jazz, from its slow moving suites to its rip roaring grooves, it is a great album by a group of musicians that, until now, may not have been recognized or respected for their talents.

From the first track “Jumpin’ Java” to the last track “My Bird” this is a great, self-produced disc of what should, and still could be world renown pieces of great music . All the songs are original compositions by Rich Severson, whom is also a founding educator of Guitar College ( ) a website developed to teach any and every guitar enthusiast from beginner to experienced player the note and chord progressions, composition and “fingering” skills needed to perfect a truly unique and strong guitar playing style. His tutorials range in price starting at .99 cents and there are downloadable notes, materials and Home DVD course videos available.

Jumpin’ Java: A Smooth Bebop Blend is not just a coffeehouse background music CD that melts away the stress of the day, it is a get the blood pumping, can’t sit still in your chair, lets raise the roof type of album that makes you want to dress to the nines and get your boogie on!

Click here to visit their web page, to order the CD and listen to a track off the album Jumpin’ Java, a very upbeat and loveable piece.

Other songs range from dark and smoky to high perk, funky and soulful & bluesy scores. There is something for everyone on Jumpin’ Java: A Smooth Bebop Blend, you will just want to have this CD for your collection, a collection of fantastic music, created by a group of great musical artists.

Available as a CD Disc or MP3 Download, you can also get the sheet music for this album, to learn from, play along with or play for friends and family. You may find other albums done by Rich Severson and enjoy those selections of music as well. If you are a musician looking to earn your Jazz Marks, you can get the class materials and learn how Rich Severson created these masterpieces of music.

The album Jumpin’ Java: A Smooth Bebop Blend by the Rich Severson Quartet is a must for any music lover, especially for the Jazz aficionado that loves to get down in southbound style.



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