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Sorry to keep you waiting, but Say Goodbye to Your Generation

cover_copyBlue Review of Sorry to keep you waiting: a tribute to the methaodones

A collection of artists pay tribute to an unsung voice of our generation

Available on Infested Records – www.infestedrecords.com

Music Album Review by Joseph Timmons: Xombiewoof Magazine

The Methadones, formed in 1993 performed the darkened clubs of suburbia and excited the particles of the minds of America’s disenfranchised youth with lyrics that would make you ponder ones place in the universe. Although the band itself only lasted a few years – 1993 to 2010, it left an indelible make on the flesh of the music world, a punk tattoo that would never be removed.

Infested records offers up a hot serving of” in your face” punk inspired tributary in the form of Sorry to keep you waiting: a tribute to the methaodones and the bands involved have the message of The Methadones engraved in every chord and verse. From the first cover track by the Fairmounts ”Solitude” to “Far Away” by Girlcrush, every band involved covers the music of The Methadones with precision and with the utmost respect. The bands on the album keep the original material intact yet infuse their own styles making the music whole and fresh. With the power of the punk scene imagery and the sense of the messages urgency, this album is a triumph of the devils due to a band that, even in the memories of the most obscure aficionados – gets the green card on the field of life’s rugby match.

With a track listing too infamous to list, this is one for the dock, to have this album is to have the best of an indie label’s force of fame,” kicking butt” and taking names. I have no favorites on this CD, I love ‘em all and have to say, at my venerable age of 47, this album’s energy takes me back to my youth of the 80’s when music was king and it was all about the beat, hey a band with the name “Skunk Muffins” is on this album, you have to have it just for that!

Sorry to keep you waiting: a tribute to the methaodones sounds to be recorded in the raw, no over production and pure musical mastery, keeping with the natural rather than the mechanical, some songs you hear the hollow sound of voice in an empty room, a sense of a despondent soul singing to an empty room or an uncaring heart, others site the power of exposing one’s naked self to the world with the “F-YOU” of individuality, making this a tour of self-expression and an insightful documentary of a generation seeking answers to a senseless worlds questioning.

206067_355403991224589_2032559510_n Infested Records has brought many great acts to the sound systems of the world, and in this compilation of 19 solid and ideologically sinister bands of rascals and tearaways give cause to devour this album with auditory avarice and glamorous gluttony. Get the album, join the chorus, smash something have a Saturday night!

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2 Comments on Sorry to keep you waiting, but Say Goodbye to Your Generation

  1. AWESOME! Thank you so much for the great review! Much appreciated!
    Chris/Infested Records.

  2. I like the review very much! Not to put damper on things, but the song “Far Away” was covered by the Skunk Muffins! Just a heads up! Once again very good bro!!!!

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