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Article on two Icons of a Musical Era, Still Making Sense.

What is it about an artist that resonates with us. What makes them so memorable.

I just read an interview article with David Byrne and Cyndi Lauper, written by Philip Galanes of The New York Times.

The article is a detailed conversation between subjects and the author, discussing David and Cyndi’s recent meet up in NY, their history as friends, their lives as musicians and their present theatrical projects. What I read was presented in a “fluffy” manner yet was informative. 

My take on this article was not one of admonishment,  so often you see interviews like this that put the people in focus at a level of “where are they now” or “look at me, I still matter”, or it starts out as friendly banter then escallates into the heckelling of a hard sought and well deserved career or history of ones life. I can, at times be hard and judgemental of my Journalistic peers,  but I was very impressed with the writer’s presence to bring the reader into the lives of two of the most influential artists of our lives.

At 48, the icons of my youth have either retreated into the shadows of obscurity, moved on from this plane of existence or, if so lucky to do so, stayed in the eyes of the world and the fans that apreciate them. There have been to few artists like David and Cyndi, artists that have amassed respect on a multitude of levels yet have stayed real and humble.

I loved the music of The Talking Heads, but what endeared me the Byrne’s work was his movie True Stories, it showed the ridiculous nature of people and whaen said people are confronted with this reflection in the mirror, they only postulate more and tower in their stupidity. He has the ability to lets us see the world through his eyes.

Cyndi has stayed true to herself as well, forever young in her bright and often snarky, irreverent way. Her ability to empower her followers and fans simply with her smile is in itself amazing. Both David and Cyndi have an uncanny staying power, as well as the ability to look at and into themselves, seeing the world for what it is and what it could be.

Theses musical geniuses have the one thing that has kept them timeless,  they wre able to inspire us to live, and matured with us yet stayed young and rebellious without loosing their charm.

Maybe I am just rambling. . But as David once said so well “Stop making sense”.

Neither artist have become aging relics of days gone by, hoping to relive glory days of youth.  Their glory days are the present. If anything they have been emboldened to us, reaching new highs without fear of falling.

If possible, take a momment to read the interview in today’s NY Times. It is worth your time. I would love to meet David Byrne and Cyndi Lauper,  I just hope if I do, I can retain composure and not get all giddy and “fan girl” on them.



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