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Interview with Jamie Hodes A Hard Rocking, Sexy, Musically Delicious, Drum Vixen


LisaSBy: Lisa “Sunshine” Svelnys

LA Rock Correspondent: Xombiewoof Magazine

Host: Hollywood Rock Underground TV



Jamie Hodes HAS to be the sexiest, and most driven/ inspiring drummer in Hollywood. She has followed her dreams when maybe someone else wouldn’t have.  Hard work, determination, and sacrifice has led her to a path of achievement as a staple in the current rock tapestry of venues such as The Roxy, Boardner’s, and Lucy’51’s just to name a few.  She not only drums, she is an incredible business woman that promotes shows like pro’s that have been in the business for over 20 years. I’ve seen Jamie at work for a couple years now, every time I see her the material is new, polished, and articulately driven. Her live shows are full of energy, just spectacular…. ROCKS IT EACH AND EVERY TIME!!!


How long have you been drumming?, What inspired you to pick up a set of sticks?

I dabbled and diddled on friends’ drum sets in the ‘90′s.  I took some lessons and I bought my 1st kit, a purple fade Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage Kit, in 2004.  I shut down musically to nest six months into my pregnancy.  I would not even listen to music except to teach my fitness classes for those subsequent five years.  I was at NAMM 2009 and a pal wanted me to drum for him.  I was too self-conscious to do it, as it had been years since I had touched a drum kit.  That spring, I attended a Club Vodka Show at The Roxy.  I saw a bada** drummer who reminded me of my favorite Muppet, Animal.  I said to his photographer “I want lessons from that animal!  He gets it!  He emulates exactly how I feel through his drumming!”  I was so inspired that I took my drum set out of my parent’s garage (where it was gathering dust for the previous five years) the very next day!  I promised myself that I would perform one song on the Sunset Strip by my birthday that upcoming winter.  Well, I did a little more than that… I drummed a G n’ R song to the CD at The Rainbow for Steven Adler and a handful of close friends. I said to myself, if I can perform as a beginner for one of my fave drummers, then I can drum anywhere.  And I have!

Who plays in your bands currently, what do you enjoy most about the people you play with?

hodesxo1Since my band DEEP PINK does theme shows which require different vocal ranges and styles, I choose a variety of guest singers.  My current regular singer for DEEP PINK is Naomi Nektare who brings it every time with her range and energy.  My steady guitarist is Richie Vaccaro who really holds this band together in every dimension.  What I love most about my bandmates is their professionalism and their passion to deliver a powerful and visceral performance every single time.

How would you describe your “style”?

My styles influenced mainly from John Bonham and from my years as a dancer.  I love the laid-back feel combined with the driving power and visceral kick that only John delivered.  When I drum it comes from the feeling I have dancing.  I love the groove but I also love floating in the space between.

What inspires you the most musically?

The passion behind the music. Music that tells a story from the soul.  I am moved by the dynamics – the ebb and flow, the build and release, the drive and passion, the meaning and feel behind the music.

hodesxo5How do you decide on the music you perform?

I choose songs that I feel viscerally – songs with a solid groove, with drive or an ebb and flow and definitely with PASSION & FEEL!

What advice would you give women trying to make it in the music industry?

Follow your dreams and your passion!  The work will speak for itself.  I actually am a novelty has a female drummer and since I’ve done my time in the woodshed (hours & hours…) & I take my drumming very seriously, I have been blessed with a plethora of opportunities as a drummer.  BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND YOUR WORK & THE DOORS WILL FLY AJAR!  THE SKY’S THE LIMIT \,,/!!!!!

What and where was your most memorable performance?

I’ve had MANY memorable stage moments but the most recent, and a very proud stage experience was when the awesome band Vintage Trouble found me via my YouTube drumming videos and asked if I want to be the female version of their male drummer (Richard Danielson) to drum in their upcoming music video.  I was honored to say the least and proud of myself that I had come so far in such a short time because of my own hard work aka MERIT!  I earned my place drumming in their video and the beauty of it was that they found me.  Once again I am a firm believer that if you want something badly enough, & you put the time and effort into it, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!

hodesxo3What are your plans for the rest of 2014?

A producer just recorded my drumming to collaborate on my first original song.   Another producer is also recording my drumming to produce my first very own song.  Last week the band Vintage Trouble filmed me drumming for their upcoming video so I’m looking forward to seeing that.  Many more shows with my band DEEP PINK.  The owner of Lucy’s 51 wants me to put together an all female house band for his venue so that’s happening now too.  I will probably take the all female members of that band to shoot my first music  video from the single I am recording and possibly tour with them.  I’m designing my own Jamie Hodes Drummer merchandise too!  I want to help inspire other female musicians to follow their dreams NO MATTER WHAT!!!






Upcoming DEEP PINK & Jamie Hodes special guest Drummer shows..

1.  Sat, March 22, 9 pm @ Paladinos

2.  Tuesday, March 25, 9 pm – close @ Lucy’s 51

3.  Tues, April 2, 9 pm – close @ Lucy’s 51

4.  Wed, April 7, 9 pm – close @ Lucy’s  51

5.  Fri, April 4, 11 pm – close @ Petie’s Place

6.  Fri April 11, 10 pm – close @ Silly’s Cocktails

7.  Tues, April 21, 9 pm – close @ Lucy’s  51







hoxo6I am a special guest drummer at 2 benefits in April..

1.  Sunday , April 6, 630 pm @ Celebrity Center International

2.  Sunday, April 27, 8 pm @ HOB Sunset

please visit the links below:










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