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Lisa “Sunshine” Svelnys – Host, Hollywood Rock Underground TV

BROKEN is a compilation of excellent, young, alternative rock musicians fronted by amazing lead vocalist and American Idol standout, Dani Morelos. Based in Huntington Beach, CA, the members have headlined many, major venues and bring a very unique, high energy show to the stage. Their recent original “Breaking Away” is getting ALOT of attention. Not just another 4 piece band, the members of BROKEN are multi-talented musicians; each plays multiple instruments, sings vocals, and collaborates on the original songs. Although BROKEN has its own distinctive style and sound, the band is influenced by bands like, Flyleaf, Evanescence, Halestorm, New Year’s Day and others.

When you go to see a BROKEN show you will not just be attending a concert- not even close- it will be an EXPERIENCE. There is a lot of buzz about this band. Make sure you see them LIVE!

The BROKEN Lineup

Dani Morelos- Lead Vocals

broken5Singing has been Dani’s passion from the age of 6. She has performed all across California sharing her love of music with thousands at some of the largest venues. Originally, she got her start in theater, but as time went on and she broadened her horizons, she crossed over into jazz and soft rock, which lead her to ROCK! She says, “I do not think I could go back to the jazz or pop scene again. Rock has so much emotion and is what I love!” She is inspired by Evanescence, Halestorm, and Flyleaf due to the passion they have in their music. She loves to bring a powerful vocal performance to each show, but equally important is an amazing stage show. One interesting fact about Dani is aside from voice she plays a little trombone!


broken4Chris Demman/Bass/Keyboards/Vocals

Christian began his musical career at the age of 11. He attributes his early teaching of the blues and music theory to Rick Ellis (guitarist for Barbara Mandrell). Also, David Cook was instrumental in guiding Christian in stage presence, technique and work ethic. Then the love of alternative rock was born! Greg Daulton (who has worked with Killswitch Engage) has trained Christian both on rhythm and bass guitar. Justin Miller trained Christian on Alto Saxophone. His influences are Red, Three Days Grace, Killswitch Engage, Flyleaf and Evanescence and many more. Christian has headlined many large venues including The House of Blues-Disney, The Coach House, and has played Spanish Days Festival in Santa Barbara and other large outdoor venues. He is well versed in Guitar, Bass and Keyboards and Alto Saxophone.


Broken3Ryan Ramirez (Drums/Vocals)

Since Ryan was age 5, he wanted to play music. His dad, Chris, a professional drummer himself, taught him everything he knew about drums and showed him how to rock out! Throughout high school, he also discovered his passion for singing and songwriting through the school choir program and through his work with his professional mentors Ron Hoshi and Corey Ferrugia. Ryan is highly motivated to make music his career, and pursues the dream of becoming a worldwide entertainer. He follows several genres of music including Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, and R&B Soul. His rock inspirations include Motley Crue, Poison, and Kiss, while his Pop inspirations include Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, and Chris Brown. Ryan is also expanding his musical abilities by constantly being introduced to new instruments throughout his musical career including, the piano, guitar and voice. He has played many large venues, and benefit concerts throughout Southern California and has also been asked to do private performances.

Michael Hill- Lead and Rhythm guitar/vocals

10295381_695806643820445_5675333980793605358_oMichael began his musical career at the age of 5, with piano lessons. After five years of lessons, he got up from the piano bench, and picked up the guitar. The rest is history! After watching his father and uncle (both professional musicians) play at various events, he knew he was destined to perform on stage. At the age of 15 years old, Michael began playing music in his uncle’s band as a rhythm guitarist where he acquired much of his musical experience and skills, playing various venues. This was also the time when he immersed himself in music theory and gained additional instruction from seasoned guitarists. Michael has been involved in various bands, yet his new project with BROKEN is proving to be his most serious. He is influenced by all styles of music ranging from classical to metal and everything between. His favorite bands though, exist in classic rock and older music because he has become most familiar with it growing up as a child. He has a very unique style on lead guitar that is created through all of his various influences. Michael is currently keeping himself busy writing music, and preparing for an amazing summer with BROKEN.


In this Interview, our lady of LA, Lisa “Sunshine” Svelnys – Host, Hollywood Rock Underground TV talks with BROKEN to let you, our readers, know this soon to be top sought after band to watch.

Lisa: Your voice is AMAZING, what kind of voice training have you had?

DANI-As for voice training, I have had little to none. I was six years old when I discovered I could hold a note and when I discovered that I could, I just sang! My parents did not enroll me private voice lessons! I have studied proper technique and correct breathing by attending OCSA (Orange County School of the Arts). I’ve been attending OCSA since seventh grade and it is there that I enrolled in extra classes to learn about my art!

Lisa: Who do you think best connects to your music and what type of image do you want to project to your fans?

RYANBROKEN is a band that is somewhat influenced by Evanescence and the old Paramore scene. I think fans of those groups will identify with our sound. We play alternative rock and we are beginning to experiment with our own sound to sort of blend with the alternative rock sound. The main purpose of the band is to be able to go on stage and connect with each and every fan that is watching us. What we love most is seeing people engage emotionally in our music while they are having a good time.

Lisa: Who is doing your writing, where is your inspiration as a band coming from?

MICHAEL-We have all contributed to the writing process on each song. Of course, one person will typically pen the lyrics, but then it takes on many more shapes before the song is complete. As for the music, myself, Chris and Ryan will get together and work out the musical parts then run it in studio with Dani. Our band is inspired by all styles of music that span over several decades. I, myself, am influenced by some of the pioneers of rock from the 50s, and 60s. I am especially inspired by 70’s classic rock because I grew up playing in my uncle’s band. Songs by bands like Led Zeppelin, The Who, and Lynard Skynard come to mind. Ryan grew up more with 80s music and also pop music with his dad, a professional drummer. Chris finds much inspiration listening to 90’s rock and punk. Dani likes listening to current music that is on the charts today. So as you can see our band takes our musical influence from all sorts of genres, which is why when you put our influences all together you see a lot of diversity in BROKEN and this comes out in the songs we write.

Lisa: How would you describe your experience as BROKEN this far, what has been your most exciting moment?

CHRISTIAN-I would describe my experience in BROKEN as a breath of fresh air. My most exciting moment, I would have to say, is when I found out about the shows we were booked over the summer. We are performing at the Glass House up in Pomona, the Whisky a Go Go in Hollywood, and several major outdoor festivals this summer. This is going to be an incredible summer!


Lisa: Can you give us a hint about the new song you are currently writing…?

DANI-I’ve been writing this song for a while now. I didn’t want to just “throw” a song together, just to write a song. I wanted something that had a lot of meaning to me so that our audience would feel the passion behind it! This song has such strong emotions and I hope our audience embraces it and loves it because I feel like everyone can relate to the story this song is telling.

Lisa: Whose posters did you have on your bedroom walls growing up?

MICHAEL-Growing up some of my favorite bands were Aerosmith, Nirvana, Guns N Roses, and Alice in Chains so I had their posters on my wall. These are bands that I feel have helped to create the classic rock and “grunge” genres. I still have those posters in my room today!

Lisa: Who was your biggest musical inspiration that gave you the strength to believe in your dreams?

CHRISTIAN-When I was younger I was introduced to David Bowie’s song, “Space Oddity.” I felt the artistry he had put into every little detail in the song, and have grown to appreciate it to this day. To be able to make a song like that would be mind-blowing. I love to write songs, so we will see what happens!

Lisa: Dani, what was your experience on American Idol like? What surprised you the most, what advice would you give other talent wanting to go through the process?

DANI-American Idol was definitely an experience for me, completely different than what I was expecting! I auditioned when I was only fifteen years old. The eye opening part was that they told us they wanted a back story for the show. In reality, the show was not just based off an ability to sing, but also the ability to deliver a back story of my life or my struggles so that it plays well on television. There were many amazing singers that auditioned on this show that did not make it. In some cases, I believe it was because they did not have a crazy costume, or an interesting back story. To me this was sad, but that is the reality of TV land. As for other artists wanting to audition, go and audition! I mean it’s worth a shot but just be aware that it isn’t all based on talent! And if you do not get that golden ticket, hold your head up high! You have to learn that every “no” brings you one step closer to a “yes!” I would consider myself one of the few that was lucky enough to get through the first 3 rounds without a back story!

1461094_666981500036293_246417505_nYou can see the magic if BROKEN for yourself, here is a list of their upcoming shows –

  • · 5/30 Whisky A Go Go, Hollywood, CA 7 p.m.
  • · 6/15 Malones – Santa Ana, CA 9:30 p.m.
  • · 7/27 Whisky – Hollywood, CA 8:00 p.m.
  • · 7/31/ Fiesta Days – Santa Barbara, CA 8:30 pm

Visit the following sites, find then, follow them, love them, these kids are on the BROKEN Path to Hollywood Stardom, and beyond.

Twitter @BROKENRockBand

Trailer for the band on you tube:



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