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The Fabulous Miss Wendy – Rock’s Bad Girl Doing Good!

10295784_10152433090529082_8748141358574412390_nA Candid Interview By:

Lisa “Sunshine” Svelnys Host- Hollywood Rock Underground TV LA Rock Journalist

For Hollywood-based rocker The Fabulous Miss Wendy, comparison to iconic female musicians is nothing new. Hollywood’s punk rock princess, The Fabulous Miss Wendy is already “the sexiest rock star ever,” according to Revolver Magazine. Wendy has come a long way since picking up a guitar at the age of ten, and became a virtuoso by the age of 12, inspired by old-school punk acts like the Misfits, The Dead Kennedys, and The Ramones, and driven by her commitment of never taking “no” for an answer, she commandeered fledgling talent, forming and playing in several bands during her scandalous high school years. Her classmates voted her “most likely to be a Rock Star”. How dead on they were!

tumblr_n4r9cynKr41r2klpjo1_500“The Fabulous Miss Wendy” continued perseverance through the trenches of the Music Industry is inspired by her own mission to “inspire generations of girls all over the world to follow their dreams, and prove Rock n’ Roll is not only a Man’s World.” TFMW went on to beat out hundreds of other girls to nab the lead spot in a Nickelodeon all-girl rock band, but the fearless young Rocker opted for the Musicians Institute in Hollywood where she really spread her wings – or at very least sharpened her cute little horns.

Her intense energy, powerhouse vocals, and calculated songwriting skills sent her soaring to the head of the class, earning her the opportunity to carry her RN’R message to the American troops stationed overseas in Baghdad, Iraq on 2 musical “tours of duty”. Upon her return, Wendy finished third in the United States’ “World Battle of the Bands Competition” and won a VH-1 Recommended Artist Award. Wendy also garnered attention from Revolver Magazine and, in turn, earned a spot as one of the ten finalists to become Gibson Guitars’ “SG Gal,” and, as if that’s not enough, her video “I Like Boys” was nominated for LOGO’s “Ultimate Sexiest Videos” weekly contest beside videos by Ciara, Kelly Clarkson, Lady Gaga, the Pussycat Dolls, and more. Having accomplished incredible milestones by the time she reached the legal drinking age, “The Fabulous Miss Wendy” has an undeniable stage presence that demands your attention, whether you want to give it or not, flailing her axe as though it’s a long-lost limb, delivering an imaginative musical viciousness.



tumblr_n4uxrj3BKB1r2klpjo1_500Don’t let the cute smile fool you, in 2011 Wendy released her debut, self-titled, LP, Produced by Devo’s Gerald Casale, engineered by Goo Goo Dolls’ wizard, Paul David Hagar, also of Avril Lavigne and All American Rejects fame, and driven by the fierce pounding of super-drummer, Josh Freese. Of the albums 10 tracks, VH1 chose to use 6 on successful hit shows “The Pick-Up Artist” and “Tough Love”. Perhaps the biggest honor was when Rock God SLASH surprised audiences nationwide by agreeing ”The Fabulous Miss Wendy” was the perfect artist to join him on tour, giving her the phenomenal opportunity for her to perform for the rabid rock fans across the country, gaining the respect and admiration that only the greatest musicians receive. She also had the opportunity to support with UFO, Green Jello and punk Rock icons Nashville Pussy, after the tour, she herself became the guitarist for Green Jello.

At 2012 & 2013 NAMM, The Pink haired Punk-Rock go-getter strapped on her CHEETAH guitar, and mesmerized audiences with her unforgettable guitar riffs at the GMP Guitar booth and was a featured artist in the RocknRoll Industries Magazine in both December 2011 and the Special NAMM Edition “30th Anniversary Tribute to Randy Rhoads” issue that made its debut at the NAMM show and made its way to thousands of rock n’ roll fans worldwide. Most recently, she teamed up with legendary music producer Kim Fowley (Of Runaways, KISS, and Alice Cooper fame) to produce her third album “No One Can Stop Me”. Her Music Video “Jailbait, debuted at #1 on the Japanese Video Charts and was the #2 Music Video in Japan for all of 2012. Wendy is an artist that is the true definition of “The Total Package” and, she will continue to leave her undeniable mark on the Rock world for years to come.

tumblr_n6as0iLLDR1r2klpjo1_500If you had to compare your journey as an artist with any other, who would that be- how has this person paved the way to allot you to be who you get to be?

Miss Wendy – If I had to pick one, probably Joan Jett because we both grew up in the San Fernando Valley and had Kim Fowley as a mentor. Kim has also said that I am the most like Joan of anyone he has ever met.

What do you do for fun? – Do you have a favorite TV show?

Miss Wendy – I do a lot of yoga and meditation. I hardly ever watch tv, but I do like The Simpsons.

 What do you love most about your life?

Miss Wendy – Making Records, Touring, Living the dream in the warm California Sun. What more could anybody ask for?

What was it like the first time a “fan” recognized you? Did you freak out?

Miss Wendy – Depending on what part of the country I am in, I get recognized in public on a fairly regular basis. I kind of never know when it is going to happen. There have been a few people times where people were really freaking out.


tumblr_n5qf2x3sq21r2klpjo1_500What was it like to be invited by SLASH to join him on tour? How did it come together…. describe the moment you found out IT WAS FOR REAL!

Miss Wendy – It was AMAZING to go on tour with Slash, he is the greatest guy ever, not to mention legendary! It came together because I gave him my CD and he liked it. I felt like it was for real when I dedicated “Crazy Fucked Up Bitch” to the ladies in the audience and heard 3-thousand girls scream.


It must be such an honor working with such a legend, how did you start working with Kim Fowley? How did that come together?

Miss Wendy – I met Kim Fowley in the showroom at SXSW. He walked up to me and said “What’s your name? What do you do? I wanna know.” I told him I was a recording artist and gave him my CD. He picked it out of 200 CDs to play on his radio show. He started hiring me as a session musician and co-writer after that.

What advice would you give a chick, on a bus that was on her way here to Hollywood to “make it” right now?

Miss Wendy – Always stay in the driver’s seat of your own career. Never believe somebody who says they want to do business with you and tries to get in your pants.

What is the perfect environment for you to stimulate your creative process? How do you write music?

Miss Wendy – I like writing in a variety of different environments. Movement is good for creativity. I close my eyes and relax until I hear music in my head. I ask myself, “What is that song supposed to be?”

What projects do you have going on for the rest of 2014?

Miss Wendy – I just released No One Can Stop Me into record stores, so I am excited to get out and tour this summer to support it. Here are some of the upcoming tour dates:

· May 29th Portland Tonic Lounge with The Genitorturers

· May 30th Seattle Studio 7 with The Genitorturers


For complete tour dates please visit



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