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Cloudkicker release " Live with Intronaut" A Nod to Metal

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Cloudkicker is set to release ” Live with Intronaut” on Tuesday November 25 via Century Media, this will be the 5th release for Cloudkicker and is expected to be the best yet. 

The line up for Cloudkicker consists of  Ben Sharp – guitars, bass, drum programming, a one man orchestra of instrumental “heavy” metal. Intronaut is made up of Sacha Dunable, Dave Timnick, Danny Walker and Joe Lester, I’ve not very familiar with instrumental metal or Ben Sharpe or Intronaut so I did some research.  I am a huge fan of metal so I was curious and open.

A recent podcast at http://createthecreators.com/cloudkicker, has shown Ben to be a dedicated music maker, friendly, creative, and hungry for creative ambiance, (the interviewee was far more impressive than the person he had to deal with). Ben is a hobbyist pilot, the counter balance structure vs free form. 

The evolving sound for Cloudkicker can be heard on Soundcloud – http://www.soundcloud.com/bmsharp.

With over 2,500 followers, people are listening and liking, YouTube feedback is mixed but mostly positive. The tracks vary between delicate and trippy to in your face hard metal. Albums released between 2008 to 2014 shows growth with staying true to his style.

Cloudkicker and Intronaut  Tour dates;  http://www.intronautofficial.com

Intronaut  is the live incarnation in multi-person form of Cloudkicker on tour, the latest release is a collection of high quality live and studio tracks. This album stays true to Cloudkicker, hard hitting drums and chunky guitars all in mid range, no heavy bass; which is surprising because Cloudkicker draws so much from classic metal and ambient music. Long phrasing, repetitive riffs and lofty scales provide a feeling of symmetry which satisfies but may bore some used to staccato choppers of classic metal. 

Intronaut shows more style and genre variations, the expanded use of non traditional sounds inserted into music are abstract, unafraid to go out of range to exploit deeper ventures. I’m very into how drums are presented in depth and tone, Intronaut offers a drum sound not as brassy and digital. But again, not enough bottom for my tastes.
 The advantage Intronaut has is more input from more people, where Cloudkicker, it seems, is primarily a one man show. 

If you are into technical musicianship in the digital age with homage to old school rock, this is interesting.  On quite a few tracks I get the feeling he’s saying, oh yeah? I can do that, instead of seeking pure originality But hey, it’s all been done, we’re just hearing someone else’s spin on it

Download and go for a long drive and enjoy -You can get their album here

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