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Stereo Steve live at Tap It Brewing


What a night, after eight years married my husband and i still find new and exciting ways to have our date nights.  A new opportunity pulled us up to a San Luis Obispo brewery.  Even the most popular pub, club or  bar can have their drawbacks mainly due to the over population.  This is why  many prefer trying something new.  Any chance my husband and I have we try and escape the riggers of life, kids, repetition and do something fun.  As my husband and I drive we enter a set of side roads that lead you down a dark street where the only sign of life  is the lights ahead from the stage at Tap it Brewing Company.  The  band known as ”STREO STEVE” was performing this particular night at  Tap it Brewing Company.  When entering the brewery  your delighted to see the rustic California feel from the front bar all the way out onto the back patio which is filled with seating and standing  areas that are surrounded by heaters as well as surrounded with beautiful lighting.  The wonderful California country backdrop is highlighted by a warm gem fire pit that stands in the center of the patio.  You are able to listen, dance and enjoy the nightly live music.  Even in the dead of winter your able to enjoy the music, food and surrounding area that is modeled for both couples, college students, friends or simply a new hang out.  Over all other hidden gems I have been too I enjoyed adding this to my list.  Check out the beer advocate calendar to find a list of upcoming events.

Wile enjoying the new experience at Tap it Brewing Company I was there to support, cheer on  and interview the leading band known as ”STEREO STEVE” a musical duo performing recognizable nuggets as well as their own original tracks that will keep you moving and toe tapping all night long.  “STEREO STEVE” is an entertaining band that can keep your attention with their overall energy and sound.  Even when the occasional technical issue would occur they would connect even more with the audience adding some fun jokes on their behalf with a smile and energy of a band WIN_20150102_181952performing for hundreds.  I enjoyed every minute that I had watching this band.  The band was on a tight set that night so I was very delighted when they both were all smiles when I asked for a quick interview.  During a break in sets I was able to catch up with the band.the lead drummer Mr..Hilstein was my first to greet and with a warm welcome to their event we began.

 Question:  when did you first start playing ?

STEVE HILSTEIN answer: I was surrounded by music by my parents passion, both who were dancers but not one can hold a tune on any instrument. i was the first, I recall I started at age four on my home made drum set, consisting of a quicker oats box and sticks”  this is when we just new this was my path and even today i love music filled with the same love i had when i was a child. weather I’m playing on  thousand dollar drum set or messing around on my home maid cereal box i can feel the music.

Question: what was your first song you played ?

STEVE HILSTEIN answer: Rock Around the Clock, in our fourth grade school performance that was my first song along with my own creations i was able to play rock around the clock  with ease and ever since i have been a drummer, singer and a overall lover of all music.         


After thanking them for a quick interview Mr.. Hilstein fled to eat  before the intermission was over.  He rushed off with a smile  waving bye and I turned my attention to.  Steve Ambarian the lead guitarist and mandolin player of  “Stereo Steve.”  With a smile he gladly participated in the interview.

Question:  At what age were you playing?

Steve Ambarian answer : the earliest I can remember was my first performance in  middle school here in central California the mandolin and guitar and my musical extensions, my other parts even when I picked up the guitar it was as easy as breathing for me self teach and soon master the guitar and even now i show youngster teaching a talent i just had and even to this love every second i play. i cant think of another life were i wasn’t paying my guitar or mandolin.

Question: Describe your reaction when you first step on stage?

STEVE AMBARRIAN answer: some times ill get a small amount of  nerves show up just before a gig but mostly excited, more excite then sick, even when a switch turns off or a off stage incidence happens i can keep my head. I’m comfortable still every time i do feel the butterflies stirring but as soon as i began to lay it all fades away.

The time went by so fast it still seems a blur.  It was great  interviewing such talented musicians all while enjoying the rest the set.  I couldn’t ask for a better new experience.  By the end of  the set “STEREO STEVE” was  calling out people who wanted a favorite melody filling the needs of the audience who the whole night danced along enjoying the music.   My husband and I left while indulged by the sounds that “STEREO STEVE” had dished out.  “STEREO STEVE” plays at Tap it Brewing Company along with a number of other gigs that can be found on their Facebook page, “STEREO STEVE” and enjoy your next night out.



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