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Prog Metal Band Odin’s Court To Release Eagerly Awaited Fifth Album Turtles All The Way Down

Progressive Metal for fans of Pink Floyd,
Dream Theater, Devin Townsend, Porcupine Tree, HIM, Iron Maiden, and

USA based
progressive rock and metal band Odin’s Court’s eagerly awaited 5th
album Turtles All the Way Down will hit the streets on March 3, 2015.
After releasing four diverse albums on ProgRock Records internationally, Odin’s
Court will release their latest album independently through their own label
D2C Studios. 

Band leader Matt Brookins commented on the
latest album: “On Turtles All the Way Down, our sound is refined with a
balance of modern and classic vibes, while still retaining the signature ‘Odin’s
Court’ sound. We also have the ‘missing piece’ that completes us – a new
vocalist that can bring the emotion and technicality to the music that it
deserves. Dimetrius LaFavors’ vocals, combined with the more mature song writing
and production, have taken us to the next level.” The artwork was done by French
painter J.P. Fournier.

As with all of the Odin’s Court full length
releases, the newest is a concept album. This album deals with ideas and
questions relating to the entire universe – how did it start, where is it going,
what makes it tick, what is its purpose, etc. – from the point of view of the
individual’s mind. It deals with mankind’s quest for knowledge, and how that
knowledge changes. New discoveries often change humanity’s understanding or turn
perceptions upside down, sometimes making long held beliefs immaterial. The
title refers to the idiom that references “infinite recursion” or in layman’s
terms, “what came first: the chicken or the egg?” 

Brookins commented on the concept: “In a
nutshell, Turtles All the Way Down is about the quest for knowledge, and
how the human race learns more through experiments, observation, and discoveries
over time. New findings may challenge long held beliefs, which in turn may cause
deep thoughts in one’s mind for how these findings impact personal or social
beliefs. While the songs are much more accessible, the music still has serious
intricacies for the technical music lover. The melodies and harmonies with the
vocals are catchier than our past work, but thematically this album deals with
pretty heavy subject matter. For the prog lover, the concept and lyrics are
definitely an order of magnitude above ‘Nerd Rock’ since it is largely inspired
by physics. Of course, the other important inspiration is human emotion, as no
matter what science may observe, individuals’ experiences always have an
intangible factor to them that cannot be truly expressed or understood in
textbook terms – they have to be learned through life.” 

Check out the video to the first single
from the album “…But What’s the Question?”

Brookins explained the meaning behind the
song, “The first single from Turtles All the Way Down is ‘…But What’s the
Question?’ The song speaks to humanity’s need to question everything, and while
asking questions is important towards obtaining knowledge, we may not always be
asking the right questions. Environment and genetics contribution towards
individuals and social conditioning, which in turn may result in programming
people’s perspectives. Perspectives can warp and shadow the way we approach
problems or questions, and thus cause people to often ask the wrong questions –
which means getting the wrong answers.” 

Odin’s Court is a Maryland, USA based band
that was formed by Matt Brookins in 2001. The band is best described as
progressive metal & rock, fusing classic and modern sounds that transcend
several genres. In 2013, the band picked up lead vocalist Dimetrius LaFavors;
with a voice reminiscent of classic vocalists in the rock, metal, and
progressive genres, he added the “final piece” needed to polish off the band’s
sound, while still maintaining a unique voice. Rick Pierpont, an infectious
presence on stage, provides excellent and exciting leads that soar through the
music. Brookins provides additional vocals and performs on various instruments
as needed, doubling as band producer. The current line up started gigging in
2013, and has been winning over new fans with each show performed. 

Odin’s Court:
Matt Brookins – Vocalist, Guitarist,
Keyboardist, and multi-instrumentalist
Rick Pierpont – Guitarist, Backing
Dimetrius LaFavors – Vocalist
Gary Raub – Drummer, Percussionist, and
Backing Vocalist
Jason Pierpont – Bassist 

Odin’s Court has been known to perform
energetic live shows in the United States, primarily gigging on the east coast
doing festivals, short tours, and one-off performances. The band has shared the
stage with many classic and modern greats, including (but not limited too)
Symphony X, Spock’s Beard, King’s X, Kamelot, Steve Whiteman (Kix, Funny Money),
Sonata Arctica, Helloween, Jon Oliva’s Pain, Zero Hour, Crimson Glory, Circle II
Circle, Devin Townsend, Circa, Enchant, and more. 

Here’s what the press have raved about
Odin’s Court:

You just want to sit back and let the
music wash over you.” – Hardrock Haven

The very core of songwriting…is very
good so there is plenty to sink your teeth into.” – Metal

Odin’s Court delivers…heavy riffs,
melodic vocals, lush keyboards, and interesting instrumental runs.” – Prog

“A truly impressive effort, with solid
songwriting and outstanding musicianship. Terrific melodic prog/metal that gets
better with every listen!” – USA Progressive Music

“4.5 out of 5: Turtles All the Way Down is an
exceptional album of classic melodic progressive rock and metal…Easily
recommended.” – Danger Dog

“Odin’s Court mixes metal and hard rock to a
tasty menu that you can enjoy anytime.” –

In closing Matt Brookins has
this to impart, “The main message is that life is a beautiful journey and as far as we can observe with
empirical results, only happens one. So stop and smell the roses. Question
things. Seek knowledge. Learn. Gain experience. Don’t believe everything you’re
told without your own research. Don’t be a slave to old ideals or institutions
if you have reason to believe new discoveries tell you something else. Form
relationships and work to sustain them.” 

To purchase Odin’s Court
Turtles All the Way Down CD:

Catch Odin’s Court Live:
February 28 – Crossroads – Glen Burnie, MD
(Baltimore, MD) – CD Release Party
March 14 – Memories – Waldorf, MD
(Washington DC) – CD Release Party
May 5 – NJ Proghouse – Dunellen, NJ – With
Inside Out Recording Artist Enchant
May 6 – Fish Head Cantina –Baltimore, MD –
With Inside Out Recording Artist Enchant
May 7 – Empire – Springfield, VA
(Washington DC) – With Inside Out Recording Artist Enchant
May 8 – 120 Tavern – Atlanta, GA – With
Inside Out Recording Artist Enchant
May 9 – TBD – TBD –Raleigh / Durham,





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