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Comics to Read Today, 5/13


Greetings comics fans! Time for another day of comics. Let’s go and as usual we’ll start with some first issues.

Witches seems to be the focus of a number of comics that I’ve enjoyed over the past few years – Rachel Rising, Coffin Hill, Wytches, Sabrina and now Harrow County. If you two enjoy a story of witches or just stories where there is evil in the heartland you may enjoy this new book from Cullen Bunn. I’ve enjoyed Bunn’s work before – he’s knows how to set up a story and create vivid characters. Tyler Crook’s plain and open style is good fit (as it was for another “witch” book, Witchfinder. 

This is very Warren Ellis-y so if you are a fan, you are probably already buying this. If you aren’t this is a strong first issue with a killer ending that will intrigue you but won’t spell out much. I had to read it twice but it was worth it.

I became a fan of Phil Hester’s writing when he took on Wonder Woman after a certain big time comic writer skipped town on the book so I was happy to give this a try. If you like magic particularly when magic goes awry this may be the book for you. I mean who you gonna call, right? This has a jaunty fun tone and McCrea’s art is good match. There’s a lot of familiar ground here but Hester manages to create a fun first issue.

Okay so there is three books you could jump on, let’s look at the rest of the week.

Let’s start with DC Comics. I’m going to trade wait the rest of Convergence now that I’ve once again said goodbye to most of my favorites. But last month I didn’t make the first issue of this a pick so I’m going to give it to the second issue.

Oracle was in the first issue. Hope she’s in this too because Ostrander/Yale Squad was the best squad.

Of course.

The first issue was a pick of the week, did you pick it up? Let me know.

Love that cover.

Again, that cover.

I’ve avoided the new Thor because they held off providing the identity of the lead for an entire trade. That changes today. The news came out yesterday but it interested me enough to start picking this up.

That’s it for me, what’s on your list?



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