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Indie Pulse: Brother O’ Brother

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Indie Pulse: Brother O’ Brother : Brotherly Love On the Web

Article by : Joseph Timmons – Xombiewoof Magazine

Band / Artists : Brother O’ Brother

Recent Video: You Would

Recent Album: Show Pony


Starting in the Summer of 2013, Brother O’ Brother began making music with one major message in mind, love. Love’s components, makeup, societal lack, and possible encouraging solutions on how to increase love in this world. Our views on this come from our own faith and backgrounds, but we truly believe the lyrics contained in these songs are a message anyone can agree with and apply to their own world regardless of faith, color, gender, or circumstance. We are trying to participate in this conversation of life by drenching guitars in fuzz, booming drums, and mountains of smoke and lights.  Based out of Indianapolis, B.O.B. has already toured the Midwest heavily, opened for national acts from all over the US, and have already put out three music videos, two 7 inch, two full length albums, a 12 inch, and a EP all in their first two years. Brother O’ Brother currently has label associations with Fonoflo Records, Grimtale Records, and Shedhouse Records.


Their latest release SHOW PONY is an exhilarating romp in basic Rock & Roll fueled by youth and angst. great combinations of rhythm and verse, raw but slightly polished and never over sampled. sounds like they may have done several “one takes” to get prepped, but pure fun and easily recommended for any indie lover and music collector. This is a great album, but I feel this is a warm-up for things to come.

Brother O’ Brother is a band that is taking the new Vinyl Revolution to heart, offering their music on the legacy media format, but also offering one offs, silk screen packaging and collectables that support their music ambitions, so this is a no brainer, support the band by getting out to the shows, but if not, buy their albums.

Their sound is very reminiscent of early 70’s folk / punk infusions, which gave way to the alternative genre, which illuminated the Seattle skyline for a brief yet luxurious moment in time. Brother O’ Brother has it and really wants to share it with you. Fave tracks, a toss up between Blood & Cigarettes and SHOW PONY (Title Track) in addition, I have an opinion, the Power duos are not easy acts to perform, everything in 2 instruments live can be nerve breaking, Brother O’ Brother has, in my opinion only a few contemporaries at the moment, Sir Madam and Royal Blood, and The White Stripes.




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