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Classic Waxxx Records: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Cool!

10612946_1544455539117807_2593256450160010667_nHow One Independent Record Label is working with artists to bring back the integrity of the record label and the music industry while creating a future legacy in music today.

Opinion Article and Review by Joseph Timmons: IndiePulse Music Online Journal


Albums by Classic Waxxx Records Reviewed:

CWR005: 3 song 7”: Johnny Cash – Live at the Big “D” Jamboree

CWR004: 10 Song 12” LP: Out West by The Coal Creek Boys

Upcoming Release: Hard at It by The Coal Creek Boys


I start this article / review with a special giddiness, I got to use an old marriage quote to start, but I also feel it was an accurate quote to use. Great music should be like a marriage, the combination of love, a desire for a happy life and a balance between talent and emotional investment between the label, the artists and the listener. I have recently come across a label that I feel has this in mind when they create their stunning and gripping release. Classic Waxxx Records has several titles at their Storenvy page as well as their website and various online retail pages, but I think that if you were to hear exactly what I heard when listening to these 3 releases, you will know what I mean when I say that I am truly richer for hearing the sound of America as it should be heard. I am not a big Country Western Buff, but I do know great music when I hear it, and this is a great selection.

Something Old:

CWR005: 3 song 7”: Johnny Cash – Live at the Big “D” Jamboree

The Johnny Cash “Live at Big ‘D’ Jamboree” 7 inch EP on blue vinyl with vintage style picture sleeve is a look into the way back machine, where we see “The Man in Black”, his voice and his very own unique sound as we now know today is the culmination of years of performance which was once the youthful voice a newcomer to the music scene, in his rockabilly haircut, which back in 1956 was the style to have.

Recorded in 1956, Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Two played to a large crowd at the Sportatorium in Dallas, TX, their then Sun Records hits, “So Doggone Lonesome“, “I Walk The Line” and “Get Rhythm.” Though Cash performed more than anyone at the Jamboree, these three recordings are the only ones captured to tape that have been discovered, and have been brought back to life in this magnificent Blue Vinyl repro of the original single. Officially licensed from Dragon Street Records, this Cash EP marks the first is a series of vinyl only releases from the noted ‘Big ‘D’ Jamboree on Classic Waxxx Records.

The sound is perfect, reproduced in the original MONO it is not only old, but something blue and very cool, but this is just a teaser to what comes next.

Something New:

Upcoming Release: Hard At It by The Coal Creek Boys

This soon to be released masterpiece of both classic country styling’s and good ol’ western flavored ho down music is both a pleasure to hear and bring to you. Hard At It is not modern country, not oversampled auto-tune trash but blood sweat and tears music made to make you a fan if The Coal Creek Boys. With driving rhythms and a sound that anyone could love, the band gives you a private western concert in your favorite home theatre or barn raiser.

So far I would have to say I love the whole album, but my favorite song is “Snow”, were as The Coal Creek Boys have a mastery of the faster, thick winding country styles, they also have a firm hold on the slower, more emotionally guided ballad / folk song style that makes you feel the full emotion of the lyrics with a musical component that is as pure as the white winters snow fall on the desert prairie, an yes, I know I am really poring on the poetic descriptions, but it is truly meant as a tribute to the bands ability to be well rounded and not just a bar band that was lucky enough to find a label to produce them, The Coal Creek Boys have earned every accolade and all respect to them given.

There is something about The Coal Creek Boys that is hard to describe, they can create a song like “Old No7”, which, to me, sounds like a song of regrets and the stuff of Western Legend and then move on over to a song like “Central Line”, the originality in verse and energy in the mix makes this a great album for anyone, not just the country fan, but all fans.


Something Borrowed:

CWR004: 10 Song 12” LP: Out West by The Coal Creek Boys

So for something borrowed, I would say they borrowed the feeling, sentiment and bard-like styles of legends in folk like Leadbelly, Woody Guthrie and the late, great Pete Seeger.

On Out West, The Coal Creek Boys in this album have a purely folk driven collection of songs and ballad tunes that are the stories of man’s desire to work, achieve, live and love. Whether its images of riding the west, workin’ the line, mine or forging the trains out west, all the imagery is here. With instrumental prose and words that can weave the storytelling tapestries of the soul, this is not just a set of great songs, but a history lesson.

And whether it is the instrumental “Code of The Woods”, the longing of freedom in “War Bride” or the story of western justice in “Deadwood”, this album is the story of the American West as if told by the souls that are resting up on Old Boot Hill. There are moments when the bands let it fly on Out West, and hit you hard with some serious rock & blues style riffs, but they are well placed and don’t take away from the beauty of the acoustic resonance that washes over you like the peace of the full moon lit night under a starry sky or the kiss of a sweet young woman at your very first Sadie Hawkins dance.

Something Cool:

11222168_1700275066869186_8676437742897896386_nOk as promised, here is the last but not least cool part, not only can you get any of these and many other great releases from Classic Waxxx Records, the collection of The Coal Creek Boys is available as Digital Download as well as the Purest Archival Vinyl.

To order the albums as well as some other great stuff like shirts and collectables, go to their website http://www.classicwaxxxrecords.com, their Storenvy http://www.storenvy.com/stores/240781-classic-waxxx-records and on Bandcamp https://classicwaxxxrecords.bandcamp.com !

You can also like and Follow them on Facebook but you must also go visit The Coal Creek Boys to, give’em a like and a Hi-Howdy at their website http://www.thecoalcreekboys.com !

And to add an extra bit of Dead Eye to your sarsaparilla, if you Pre-Order the New Album Hard At It by October 31st, you will be eligible for a rare by order only version in Brown Vinyl, Exclusive Downloads and Custom sleeve, get the info at https://classicwaxxxrecords.bandcamp.com to order.



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