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Braves: The Dropout Kids

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Are you a drop-out or rebel? Failed your math class? Alcohol fueled? Out of love and without luck? The garage/rock-pop band, Braves, relives the days of high school teen angst, boozing up, and flunking out of life in their track, “Dropout.”

Brave’s fast-paced guitar strums and sweet basement recording sound resembles rock bands Meatbodies, Caliway, and Busy Living. Their build-up from almost lazy teen vocals in the intro to a shrilling sound and almost screech are utterly attractive. Brave compliments their passionate yet fearful pasts by subtly discussing society’s educational standards and predispositions on “dropouts.”

The repetitive lyrics, I don’t want anyone to know that I dropped out, I don’t think anyone would care, are almost chilling yet sympathetic, especially the phrase, I know that I’m a loser. Listener’s can clearly hear Brave’s teen spirit unveiling itself from 0:00 to 2:28, and if you listen carefully, it just might drag you…

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