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Zora Jones: ‘100 Ladies’ Released

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Zora Jones, the Australian-born and Barcelona-based producer with a DJ Rashdad influence and spacey club sound, released her first EP “100 Ladies.” Rashdad’s influence is heard in the sweet solo track, though Jones establishes her own unique sound with a high BPM and killer beat.

Jones has a tendency to keep her tracks at around 160 BPM, implementing that sweet footwork and grime. Her sound is what one could classify as astro-funk, or video game-like. Picture wandering aimlessly through a video game taking place in space with a shooting gun, with noises of Star Wars laser fights and dog-whines in the distance… that’s Jones’ music for you.

Jones’ style is tricky. She favors silvery, brittle tunes: delicate rimshots, high-whistle  frequencies, “weightless” effort. Her voice is the backbone; the wordless vocal rhythms and eerie noises all make up her spellbinding, magically musical effect. Jones’ build-up from arcadic, pinball hues to wordless…

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