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Hollywood Rock Underground / IndiePulse Music Exclusive Interview with Lukas Rossi, Winner of Rock Star Supernova.



In an exclusive and candid interview, Lisa Sunshine Svelnys of Hollywood Rock Underground gets the personal and introspective thoughts of one who is fast becoming a big name in the Hollywood and International Music Scene.

Article by Lisa Sunshine Svelnys of Hollywood Rock Underground for IndiePulse Music Magazine.

LUKAS ROSSI, Singer, Producer & Writer

Screenshot_2015-12-26-14-09-04-1Lukas Rossi is touted as one of the biggest voices in music today; Rossi’s vocals span a wide-range from an elegant soft bass to soaring descants in a variety of styles with differing vocal qualities befitting the lyrics and flavor of each song. His live performances have been consistently described as passionate and mesmerizing, leaving “every bit of himself on stage… his music worn on his sleeve.

Mr. Rossi gained worldwide recognition by winning a televised audition (CBS) to be front-man for Tommy Lee’s band, “Rockstar Supernova”, in 2006.  He appeared on Canada’s Gemini Awards as well as various televised talk shows, including Ellen and Regis, before embarking on a global tour with Lee.

Rossi continued to travel the US and Canada on solo acoustic tours and full stage appearances with his band, “Stars Down”.  A prolific songwriter, Lukas later wrote, performed (all instruments), produced and engineered 4 full albums over a short period of two years.

Rossi’s songwriting and production skills have gained respect from prominent producers and major talents throughout the rock music community. In 2010 Rossi provided all lyrics, melodies, and lead vocals (also contributing some production) on a Grammy-nominated album with famed producer, Andy Johns.  In 2013 Queensryche released his song, Cold, as the first single from their new album, Frequency Unknown.

Most recently, Lukas is co-writing and co-producing a genre-breaking album with Grammy winner Ben Moody (Evanescence, We Are The Fallen) for The Halo Method.

Their new sound was introduced on the 2012 ShipRocked cruise with KORN, Godsmack, and other major names.  The Halo Method’s three appearances on the ship drew significant attention and accolades that centered on Rossi’s dynamic, often frenetic, always compelling performances.

Lukas is also a top notch producer with multiple artists signed under his current roster and has just partnered up with Lisa Raphael of Raphael Films to bring you the best in modern day music and video production. Lukas is here to help write, record, produce and create original music for your projects,  your band, and even train you with his signature vocal coach style!


In ONE month Rock Star Supernova WINNER, Lukas Rossi has hit over 680,000 views of his cover of “Hello” by Adele. I ran into him one night at LUCKY STRIKE LIVE in Hollywood, where he was performing. He is very down to earth, approachable, articulate, and one of the most talented people I’ve been blessed to be in the presence of.

“Hello” by Adele, performed by Lukas Rossi

IPM : How have you grown as an artist since winning on Rock Star Supernova?

I’ve learned so much about the recording aspect of music. I now work full time, both as a producer and as an artist. Moving to Nashville for a few years really taught me some valuable lessons in the engineering and post production of music and I toured acoustically a lot during that time which kept my voice in good shape.

 IPM: What did it feel like holding a World Reality Stage?

Scary to say the least lol! Live performances and no retakes is nerve wrecking but that’s the life I chose…to be a performer/artist. It was definitely the most enjoyable time and experience of my life. I am so grateful to Mark Burnett and everyone who worked on the show for giving me the opportunity to come and fuckin rock that stage…. and eventually win the show. Man, when I was performing arena tours with those guys, we never felt a separation because of television… we were brothers…. Equals.


IPM: How old were you when you realized music was in your soul, where and when was your first show?

I knew music was in my soul the day I tried to play/sing, etc. and it made all the darkness and sad shit go away. I guess I was around 6/7 when I got my first guitar. And I knew I didn’t best friends that remain close friends to this day!

IPM: Your cover of “Hello” by Adele is phenomenal, how did that come about? Why did you choose that particular song?

My wife had been listening to the song on repeat around the house for about a week or so. She LOVES Adele. I would hear it in the back of the house and one day the melody just hit me and truly moved me. Then, Kendra comes bouncing into the room saying “I’d love to hear your take on such an incredible song.” I agreed, it’s such a departure type melody. Plus, the lyrics had such a reflection on a similar relationship that I myself had been through ….so I found myself singing it a little more aggressive  to really bring out the lyrics Adele had written, to make it reflect the sadness and anger of a lost love in the way I, as a man, had experienced it. It wasn’t soft and sweet. It was loud and aggressive and beautiful and hurt and tragedy and angst and letting go all at the same time, and not so pretty.


IPM: Everyone writes music differently, what is your creative process? Is there a particular time day or specific mood where you are found in the studio?

Music kinda flows like water to me…. it’s always flowing but always is not always best. Music has to release its own emotion, not just our own. Once the two see eye to eye, then that’s when the real beauty begins. Just like a conversation-We can all talk and talk and talk but sometimes those words of passion and wisdom come out when we really are not trying to impress, influence anything at all at that moment…. a song should literally write itself in my opinion. And to answer, I am ALWAYS in my studio. All day and All night.

IPM: What do you love best about living and performing in LA?

This is where I got my break. Sooooo much love and support from the fans in LA has truly made me return. They make me feel like a part of something so much bigger and universal. I can relate to them. They can relate to me. It’s like a little extended family the Rossi Posse has created. And I love being a part of it. Also, LA is where the freaks come out and I like me some freaks 😉


IPM: How do you pick the people you work with?

Looking in their eyes in a conversation, honesty and love for someone else over themselves. I look for people who are authentic in every sense. Who know who they are, what they want, what their goals are, and won’t give up.

IPM: What is the best part of social media and what do you like best about staying connected to your fans?

The best part about social media is that everyone has a VOICE-positive OR negative…free will and unity is God’s intention. How amazing is it, that someone from Hong Kong can be friends with someone on the other side of the world, yet it feels like they are right next door? Staying connected to the fans is AWESOME! They have supported me even when I was at my darkest. I truly freakin’ love all of them and I try to learn about them as well. After all, they take time out of their day to make mine a little brighter. I have the best fans ever.  I feel truly, truly blessed to have them in my life. So we do stay very active on our social media sites. We want to know what’s going on in their lives too and be there for them. We consider everyone family. We try to either Periscope, live steam on our YouTube channels, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. At least once or twice a day!


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