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Opium Denn – A Journey into the Cosmic Self with Demarkation



Artist / Music Review by Joseph Timmons: IndiePulse Music Magazine
Album: Demarkation by Opium Denn

“I am Opium Denn!”

Opium Denn, an Ethereal / Art Rock group of artists have formed a musical collective of spirit joined in harmonious unity to create a musical form that has been described as reminiscent of Pink Floyd or Blue Oyster Cult, but it would be my argument that it is so much more.

A segment of self-awareness I found at their Facebook page reads as follows:

“I am the multiple personalities, contained within a single person. Masked and Symbolic of the overlays, appearance, portrayals and production that hide the true essence of each individual. We are all masked…Opium Denn explores and seeks a deeper understanding of what it means to be human in the context of this world we find ourselves.”


Demarkation, an album which is available on both CD and Vinyl is a 37-minute concept record with 9 sequential videos of a life from birth to death…and back again! “Engineered with proprietary synapse-altering technologies that create a “letting go” state of mind where the inner world of experience can be explored more freely than would be possible normally”

Opium Denn from “Everywhere and all time” has come down to earth with his debut and it is the “Mobius Strip” of music. Demarkation is not an album you can simply review, since its inception and creation was, to my thinking, created to mean different things to different people, a musical Rorschach Test, with no obvious answer.

Here is another statement from the groups Facebook page,

“Using HEV (Health-Science Enhanced Vibrations) to create music that gives the listener an unusual buzz, there is something otherworldly about what Opium Denn does. The fact of the matter is that this “entity” is so out there that some versions of this record shouldn’t be listened too while driving or if you are prone to seizures! With nine sequential videos in the works and set up as the first release in a trilogy, Demarkation is ambitious and inspiring, an evolution on rock ‘n’ roll for the modern age.”

The videos for Demarkation, the three that have been released, are exciting and innovative music videos for the songs I Am A Feeling #1, Leaf and So Many Faces. I do see a bit of Talking Heads, Dire Straits and The Cure in the symbology, as well as some influences from Frank Zappa, Devo and possibly Camel, all genres of Music Simultaneously.

Check out each of the Videos Here, watch in order, then again in reverse order, then one more time out of sequence, see what I mean, the music takes on a different sound and the videos tell a different story. It is my opinion that Demarkation could be an instrumental creation in the development of experimental music and its philosophy.





Visit Opium Denn on Facebook, as well as listen to more on Soundcloud.




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