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NAMM News: New from Paiste Cymbals


Big Sound From Legendary DNA

We have some great News from Paiste Cymbals, but we are only showing 1 image due to items being revealed at the NAMM Show are “Hush Hush” and the big reveal take place this week. If you are at the NAMM Show this week, make sure to check out the innovations.

The renowned cymbal maker Paiste announces the launch of the 2002 Black Big Beat, coinciding with the 45th anniversary of the legendary 2002 series.

Big Beat cymbals ( Seen Above) are available in 18″, 19″, 20″, 21″, 22″ and 24″ singles, and 15″ and 16″ pairs. The set represents a modernized, yet timeless interpretation of the celebrated 2002 sound.
Visually, the cymbals feature a distinctly new hammering pattern for the 2002 family, a slightly darkened, semi-matted finish and simplified black logos to distinguish the Big Beat set.
In terms of sound, the cymbals are rooted in the world of 2002 Alloy, with its celebrated brilliance, clarity, precision and strength. Big Beat models add particular warmth, depth and complexity to the mix. They are perfect for broad, voluminous sound without being overly aggressive.

The individual cymbals are designed to be multi-functional and work well across the range as both crashes and rides. Despite their sizes, the cymbals feature excellent manageability and well controllable decay. Warm luscious crashes, an airy, defined ping over a wide multi-layered wash, and broad, musical bells are the hallmarks of the Big Beat singles. The Hi-Hat pairs feature a broad stick over a fat, wet open sound and a rich pronounced chick.

With the 2002 Black Big Beat models, Paiste takes the 2002 sound into a new realm, while preserving the legendary 2002 heritage. Live or studio, these cymbals are decidedly multi-musical, well suited for a wide range of applications.

Paiste  Will also present the launch of select extraordinary cymbal specimens, in an effort to test the limits, to challenge the accepted wisdom, and thus to expand the horizon of cymbal design.


The Formula 602

Modern Essentials gains a 22″ Crash and a 24″ Ride. Modern Essentials cymbals were developed in collaboration with Vinnie Colaiuta, based on the venerable Formula 602. The new models were designed in response to Vinnie’s craving for maximum depth, volume and power in highly refined and complex cymbals that feature utmost precision, clarity and musicality.

The 2002 Sound Edge Hi-Hat is now available as a 17″. The wavy bottom design is a once patented Paiste innovation from the 1970s to produce Hi-Hat cymbals that are well defined and controllable with a sharp, saturated and full chick. The new, huge 17″ version adds extraordinary boost, low end and crisp projection without sacrificing an iota of musicality.

The Giant Beat in 26″ gives the word giant new meaning. This eminently musical cymbal embodies a clear and powerful stick sound, a pearly wooden ping, a deep whooshing wash, a tremendous swelling crash and a marvelously embedded strong and articulate bell. Giant Beat cymbals were originally developed in 1967 during one of popular music’s most revolutionary eras.

These new gentle giants are by no means experimental freaks – great care in executing function, musicality, and control has gone into the design of these eminently playable supersized models that are sure to add new dimensions to drummers’ soundscapes.
Formula 602, Giant Beat and 2002 cymbals are made by hand in Switzerland using traditional methods that have remained unchanged in over half a century.


17 & 19 Odds and Ends to Even Out Matters

Responding to popular demand from drummers and retailers world-wide, Paiste is making the Formula 602

Modern Essentials Crash, the Masters Dark Crash, and the PST 7 Crash & Thin Crash models available in 17″ and 19″ sizes. The new odd sized models offer Paiste aficionados a greatly improved selection for ever finer gradation in the selection of crash cymbals.

The Modern Essentials Crash models present clear, rich and strong accentuation, smooth feeling, and an explosive attack that fades quite swiftly. Modern Essentials cymbals were developed in collaboration with Vinnie Colaiuta, based on the venerable Formula 602.

The Masters Dark Crash models exude darkness, warmth, tender clarity, and a buttery, soft feel. Masters Dark Crashes were developed in collaboration with Gregory Hutchinson.
The PST 7 Crash models are bright, warm and brilliant with wide range, clean mix and responsive feel. The PST 7 Thin Crash models are warm and airy with a pinch of brilliant sizzle and a soft, responsive feel. PST 7 cymbals are the latest series in the Paiste Sound Technology range, and have since astonished the drumming world with their outstanding performance-to-price ratio.


Paiste announces the introduction of the Signature 22″ Dry Heavy Ride Monad.

The Monad 22″ Dry Heavy Ride was created in collaboration with the eclectic Danny Carey, uniquely known for his infusion of geometry, science and metaphysics into the art of drumming. The resulting playing style, which makes extensive use of polyrhythmic figures, odd meters and complex time signatures, is a characteristic feature of the sound of the Grammy Award winning cult band Tool.

The newly developed model is based on the traditional Signature Dry Heavy Ride, which has been Danny’s main Ride cymbal since the 1990s. In this reincarnation, the model is coated in translucent purple, using Paiste’s proprietary ColorSound process, and features a lathed bell, using the unique Reflector finish.

The Monad 22″ Dry Heavy Ride is a decidedly heavy cymbal capable of strong and cutting ride playing at elevated volume levels. It features a pronounced, articulate ping over a controlled, dark, deep and complex wash. The strong, full, yet very musical bell is well separated. As a tribute to Danny’s inspiration, the label Monad and three metaphysical symbols, being Danny’s personal choices in keeping with his esoteric interests, have been placed on the cymbal.

Signature Series cymbals are made by hand in Switzerland and Artist Inspiration cymbals are created by Paiste featuring Artists’ uncompromising sound ideas and visual concepts.


Carl Palmer – Vir2osity

The Vir2osity 20″ Duo Ride was created in collaboration with the legendary Carl Palmer, the drum virtuoso behind the progressive rock supergroup ELP, who powerfully incorporated classical and jazz influences into the early rock drumming of the 1970s and continues to distinguish himself with his inimitable and energetic drumming style that highlights technical prowess, speed and dexterity. The newly developed model is loosely based on the original Signature Dry Dark Ride, with its characteristic, pronounced hammer marks on an earthy dark surface, being the result of intense heat treatment.

The outer perimeter and the bell of the cymbal are then lathed using the unique Reflector finish. The Vir2osity 20″ Duo Ride executes Carl’s exclusive ideas for a variable ride cymbal with distinct playing zones. In general, this heavy cymbal features a fairly raw, earthy, complex wash that’s very tight and controlled.

The overall glassy stick sound tends towards a drier, more raw and wooden note in the un-lathed zone, while the lathed zone presents a livelier, crisper and richer ping. The bell is well separated and decidedly loud and piercing. As a tribute to Carl’s inspiration, the label Vir2osity and a rendition of Carl’s personal emblem have been placed on the cymbal.

As you can see, Paiste is offering a whole new line of Cymbals this year to a drumming and percussion artist’s world, look forward to some very exciting sounds from Paiste.



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