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The Future is Unlimited: New Dance Music

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“Calm Me Down” is by far Future Unlimited’s best track yet, and the leading hit on their forthcoming sophomore EP, Calm Down. The Nashville, Tennessee electronic dance band with let loose vibes and a “dance like no one’s watchin'” motto is back with their newest hot single.  The mix encompasses synth-pop beats, ’80s inspired vocals and melodies similar to New Order, and a more lively, epic sound.

FACT: Future Unlimited collaborated with Shia Labeouf for their music video, “Haunted Love.” Watch below! After the project, the band decided to add extra members to make their beats more organic and their style more present.

The band’s music video,”Sequence 2B” released in Feb. 2015, showcases a fast-paced urban lifestyle in a smooth and tasteful track. The chill-house intro builds up into a flashy techno beat, while filming towering buildings, light shows, and passing cars. Future Unlimited has a way of making…

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