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Living Five Minutes With ‘Seagull’

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It’s shoegaze. It’s dream pop. It’s psychedelic art. It’s chill house rock. It’s Living Hour. Stretching to the end of the Earth and back is the five-piece Winnipeg band’s grandiose new single, “Seagull,” dropped off their upcoming eight-track record (scheduled to release Feb. 19 via Lesfe Records). The beautiful guitar hooks and eerie vocals pull listener’s towards a charming, all-encompassing sound and dreary mirage.

Living Hour was born in April 2015 after contributing two songs to New Jersey’s art-rock band Family Portrait, which was put out by the label Art is Hard Records (Bristol/London). The Winnipeg collective then released an epic, limited edition cassette of their debut album with the Bloomington label Tree Machine Records that same month. What led to the cassette release was an upcoming, international, debut album, that is, the eight-track with Lesfe Records.

Living Hour’s dreamy soundscapes, ghostly undertones, and enigmatic vocalization only add to their…

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