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IndiePulse Music Review: Post Death Soundtrack

Reviewed by Joseph Timmons: IndiePulse Reviews Journalist


Post Death Soundtrack is a moody and melancholic collection of audible thoughts of a streaming consciousness. With images of regret and lost chances, somewhat disturbing on a personal level, makes one wonder what would have been if a different choice had been made. With a sound reminiscent of Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Spookytooth and the psychedelic trance music of the mid-sixties early seventies, Kenneth Buck, Steve Moore and Jon Ireson have created the human thought process of an individual struggling with life on an almost esoteric, mystical and faith questioning level in ambient sounds that are often chilling and exciting to witness.

Listening at any volume, the eerie soliloquies venture forth and touch you, interspersed with tempos that make Nine Inch Nails seem obtuse by comparison. This is music for the thinker, the believer, the priest, the profit and for the lost.

On their web page, the image of a back alley with “Buy Art Not Cocaine” posters mounted worn and torn, I would believe the message is elevate the spirit and consciousness without destroying the mind, or maybe I’m just being altruistic. There are also some very delightful combinations of Electronica and a-cappella, swirling melodies and a rather ambitious and successful range of harmonies. You don’t find a redundancy in tempos, I have fond most bands that try this type of Avant-guard musical styling often fall short, But Post Death Soundtrack has an ensemble sound, mastering the spaces in between the notes and giving birth to a sound-thought, rather than just a combination of muddy blunders on a synthesizer.

I could let you know of all the songs on this album, but that would be telling secrets, you have to get this album and listen for yourself, but I will tell you of one outstanding piece, “Little Alice”. Imagine the scene from Alice in Wonderland, but instead of the befuddled Mad Hatter being in charge, it is the March hair, and in all his madness and with self-righteous frenzy, tells dear sweet little Alice exactly what he thinks of her, the world and their place in it in all of a grim aspect. It is both elegant and ferocious; it is sublime in its intolerance to the thought that being sweet and nice pays in the end.

We’ve all had these days, but we never want this life, it would scare the sanity into us, when ignorant senility is so much a happier place.

Listen to the Track “That Which Is” and “You Can’t Go Back” – Both available for Download for a Limited Time.


About The Artists:

Post Death Soundtrack is a Canadian inter-city music collective consisting of Kenneth Buck, Steve Moore and Jon Ireson. Founded in Calgary in 2007 by Buck and Moore, the band now operates out of Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto using the magic of the internet to collaborate across the country. The group creates thought-provoking music by weaving together electronic, industrial, pop and rock sounds. calls their sound “indefinable” while Reflections of Darkness calls them “by no means music for simple minds”.

On September 16, 2008, founding members Buck and Moore released Post Death Soundtrack’s debut full length album Music as Weaponry. Taking influence from bands like Massive Attack and Skinny Puppy, ‘Music as Weaponry’ earned top reviews from publications such as, Side-line Magazine and Sphere Magazine who called the record “a chaotic concoction of crossover madness” adding “this is the soundtrack to your escape from the average”. Their popular cover of Dead Can Dance’s ‘Anywhere Out Of The World’ was met with praise overseas in Europe.

Also that year, the group recruited bassist and producer Jon Ireson with whom Buck and Moore had shared various stages with in previous incarnations. Jon, in turn brought on Colin Everall to help out on piano and drums.

In 2010, Post Death Soundtrack released their single ‘Ultraviolence’ with accompanying video, directed by Jeevin Johal. Along with the release of new music (‘Little Alice’ and ‘Our Time Is Now’) and a series of remixes from Music as Weaponry, the band assembled for a rare live performance opening for industrial pioneers Front Line Assembly.

Now after a 3 year hiatus, Post Death Soundtrack is back with The Unlearning Curve. The latest 9 track collection is an eclectic narrative about dropping concepts, healing and venturing into the unknown. Equal parts Alice in Wonderland, J. Krishnamurti and dream language, The Unlearning Curve pulls as much from psych era Beatles and David Bowie as it does from modern industrial rock. The record was recorded at a number of studios, primarily in Vancouver. It was mastered at Suite Sound Labs, Vancouver and the album cover is an original painting by Toronto artist Kayla Aileen Brown. The album is available as a free download as well as in limited edition vinyl format.


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