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YUZIMA asks, “Why God?”, on new single Atheist

Aheist is very upbeat and Guitar “Pop-hop” oriented, but luricly a bit darker asking the unanswerable questions of faith and life

Atheist is the first single on YUZIMA’s upcoming release by the same name and follow up to the greatly praised ‘BEHEMOTH {insta-album}’.
“Aheist” is very upbeat and Guitar “Pop-hop” oriented, but luricly a bit darker asking the unanswerable questions of faith and life, sort of a modern neo-punk style but non angst driven, sort a Nihilist-Style of song interpetation. The track is very focused, strong urban feel, very “From The Streets” and trend fashionable but not trendy, the artist took time to write a song that is true to the manner and messege. If judging on 1 to 10, a strong 9, and only because I would really love to hear more from the artist to give a better comparison.
On this single Yuzima voyages into the American obsession with religion and belief systems.
Although Yuzima went to Sunday mass growing up with his grandmother in the Bronx – today he describes himself as a quasi-atheist-agnostic.  The Dylan-esque poetry of the song bounces in and out of orthodox and contrary belief systems taking on the sensiblities of everything from Buddhism to Christianity and wearing them like a second skin. Yuzima is also respectfully asking why certain artists, particularly of color, feel the need to include God in their work to be relevant?  The lyrics inspired by the likes of Patti Smith, Kanye West and Bob Dylan switch between the voice of believer and non-believer – ‘I believe, I don’t believe’, leading to an estatic wail at the bridge of the song. Twisting lyrics go from the spiritual to the sexual – even positioning the act of ejaculation as a godly a
Media stamped “prince of noize” – YUZIMA continues refining his living room garage sound while flirting with an effect pedal fuzz packed into a clean punk rhythm assault that pushes the plot forward with a tinge of Bob Dylan influenced folk. The full release will be out later this year.
“On “Atheist”, YUZIMA invites you to dance with the demons, angels, activists, evangelists, and more while wrestling questions of deities and doctrines peddled by merchants of hope.” IMPOSE MAG
“Prince of Noize” – IMPOSE MAG
“Relentlessly Catchy” – Diamond Deposits 
“Deemed often by the media as the “prince of noize” – Posture Mag



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