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VŌDŪN will ensnare and love you in dark and supernatural bliss

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VŌDŪN, music artists to perform the upcoming, first ever Pandora-Fest in Scotland, are one of many women lead groups to grace the stage. Scotland, one of the eternally mystical lands of the secret mysteries is a natural home for VŌDŪN, a group that creates music and empowering as spells and weaves songs that harken back to the tribal energies in all of us.

The music VŌDŪN is powerful, and truly energizing, it has mystic overtones but not in a “corny” way, it is true to their mystic, it is ritual in creation, one word I can use that describes their sound is “Spellbinding”

Listen to the track POSSESSION

 Who is VŌDŪN…

Amidst the rushing screams of Mother Earth; the pounding drums of Ouidah; the markets of Loméand the open heart of Erzulie, there exists VŌDŪN…

VŌDŪN is a heavy, weird & soulful, afro –futuristic tribe from London, A raw and powerful slice of voodoo fuelled turbo metal riffs not to be missed. Featuring two members of one of London’s finest underground bands, Invasion, who disbanded in2011, Vodun have taken the basic blueprint of that band, added a huge West African voodoo influence and ramped up the intensity across the board. Oya (vocals) and Ogoun (drums) found a kindred spirit in The Marassa (guitar) and emerged as a more technically accomplished, musically aggressive and energetic band.

They are lucky to have at their disposal an awesome drummer, amazing guitarist and a truly brilliant vocalist in Chant al Brown as Oya (ex ‘Do Me Bad Things’ front woman) – a new kind of power trio . They rock like no one else, and are also a mesmerizing live experience.

VŌDŪN are Spirits in mortal form, but are immortal, learn and respect the ancient spirits reborn.

Ogoun; from a new nation of spirits forged directly in fire, steel and blood reflecting all the rage, violence and delirium that comes with rebellion. Drums, dancing, and rhythm are offbeat sharp and unforgiving, like the crack of a whip. Ogoun is in love with the noise of battle itself. In salutation, rum is poured on the ground then lit, and as the flames flicker, the beats play on…

Marassa; summons a tidal cacophony with his fingertips that wails and thunders into the resonant mountains. He unleashes the twin spirits within, as the electric swordsman of two halves, a healer and a troublemaker, consuming all in his wake, and spewing forth a divine power.

Oya; stormy emotions and tempestuous circumstances prevail, and Oya is the conductor at the center of the destruction and chaos. Channeling spirits past and futures unknown, she unleashes the possession in other worldly chants and unearthly melodies. With big and open eyes she breathes, blows up her cheeks, and then howls. Oya is the spirit of change, and she makes room for vibrant new growth.

Collectively, we are VŌDŪN, heavy, weird, soulful yes, we are expectant of the abnormal and so should you!

VŌDŪN Web site and Social Media / Music Sites


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On July 16 2016, Pandora-Fest will host the very first female-positive Music Festival.

At Dun-Carron, the Medieval Fort in the Carron Valley of Scotland, the power of women in music, if not the goddess herself will take festival goers to new heights in profound musical talent. In its debut year, Pandora Fest aims to celebrate women artists of all genres and give them a larger platform in the festival scene.

Pandora-Fest will be the only women’s music festival in Scotland. Boasting an impressive multi-genre roster of both Scottish and International artists, the event will showcase rock, dance, folk and world music, among other genres.  Of course, we must stress – this isn’t a women-only event and is family friendly. The festival puts women’s musicianship center stage, bands are composed of both sexes, and you will see guys in the bands and in the audience but all bands are women lead and are perfectly blended in skill and quality of musical prowess.

Visit for more information, follow the festival news on Twitter –, and follow them on Facebook at for up to the minute Updates and News direct from Scotland.

Also see the website and Facebook page for Dun-Carron Medieval Village, location for Pandora-Fest and




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