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Bitter’s Kiss-Love Won’t Make You Cry

New Jersey based indie pop act Chloe Baker has amassed an impressive social media following without big label support. Her creativity in expressing personal vulnerability and deep emotions helped her reach out, and helped fans find her. A young lady with a delivery defying age and experience with multi-depth of feel captured and trapped in her voice. Visions of The Cranberries, Sinead O’Connor and the sweet Irish breeze will enchant listener’s minds on first listen.

With a vocal target on the sometimes dreary, melancholy status of life and daily hardships faced regardless of scale or complexity Baker aka Bitter’s Kiss seeks to show her audience and the world its mirrored imperfections and weaknesses and the issues and problems causing it. With family guidance her music and talent have been articulated into the unique songs, heavy on emotion yet sometimes simple in instrumentation. It’s an audio experience of both joy and sadness, describing the up and coming future’s world of politics and religion in a quaint coffee house setting without any needed rock n’ roll bravado.  Her voice carries the lyrical weight well.

There’s almost a cynical, lonely acceptance of said status quo in some songs, saying things happen the way they do and are what they are so might as well sit down, walk around and sing about it.

Baker grew up in a musically rich haven, furnished with the tools to succeed. Writing music is her way to tell the world about the world around her, expanding far beyond those within ear shout.

“The Rope,” is a journey into the molding minds and psyche of youth learning who they are, long term and the horrific ramifications of tragic events and actions, laden with violin sadness into an Oasis of atmosphere. The time in life dwindles away like sand so experience and explore what you can. “No One Will” has a folky, acoustic easy going pop feel.  Like a hippie voice in an indie coffee shop.

“Love Won’t Make You Cry” is happier, with a very calm Janis Joplin undertow in her delivery. “Friday Nights”  deals with tragedy and humble, hardcore sacrifice with mood fitting instrumentation. “My God” is a kind of funny, sarcastic tune about who’s better than whom.




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