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“What Every Performer Must Do To Seduce The Camera And Audience, Keep Crowds Enthralled – Turn Listeners Into Loyal Fans”

Announcing the release of Dynamic Song Performance: The Singer’s Bible by Pepper Jay (available now at This may be the only how-to performance book for singers equally valuable to magicians, comics, actors, public speakers, models, performance coaches, and trial lawyers. Why? Because it focuses on audience psychology. The book explains what every performer must do to seduce the camera and audience, to keep crowds enthralled, and turn listeners and viewers into loyal fans.

The Dynamic Song Performance Skills method begins by reinforcing successful performance skills while re-directing unsuccessful ones. Pepper Jay and her coaching partner, John Michael Ferrari, guide students through the general aspects of vocal, physical, emotional, and mental song performance skills required to be a successful professional singer, performer, recording artist and entertainer. Pepper Jay then hones the student’s skills to perfection while teaching audience psychology skills. Each student receives customized coaching depending upon their talents and their expressed goals.

What makes a singer a star? Pepper drills into students’ heads that there are many excellent singers who never “make it.” Over several decades, Pepper Jay has developed powerful song performance guidelines that, when followed by talent who remain true to themselves, result in impressive success. This text, Dynamic Performance Skills, The Singers Bible, is a guide to the fundamentals of song performance, directed to both the novice singer with dreams of fame and fortune, as well as the professional singer who wants to increase mastery of song performance skills and be at the top of their craft.

Pepper Jay, Author of “Dynamic Song Performance: The Singer’s Bible,” is an actor, lawyer, movie director, producer, and public speaker.


About Author, Pepper Jay

Pepper Jay has worn many hats: Actor, Lawyer, Mentor, Mother, Performer, Producer, Public Speaker, and Translator, to name a few. Pepper Jay began her performance career at age 5. When she wasn’t appearing in television sitcoms, such as ‘The Real McCoys’, she was performing on stage in school, at local parks, or community theater. From ages 5 to 15, Pepper also danced and played her accordion for charity events and fund-raisers.

After graduating from San Diego State University, Pepper Jay obtained a lifetime teaching credential from the State of California and taught in the Los Angeles Public School System  for over a decade. During the 1970′s, Pepper taught at Hollywood High School, John Muir Junior High School, and, at Crenshaw High School, where she was also in charge of coordinating and producing shows by the hundred-plus member drill team. Pepper Jay was the English as a Second Language Coordinator for a portion of the vital inner City on L.A. program.

Although Pepper Jay completed her pubic teaching career in 1983, she continues to her private performance teaching and coaching, specializing in acting and song performance skills. Jay also continues her public speaking engagements for both public and private schools; sharing with school children topics such as ‘Listen and Be Heard,’ and ‘The Power of Money.’

In 1990, Pepper Jay became John Michael Ferrari’s performance coach. In 1991, they partnered to create their entertainment company, Pepper Jay Productions LLC. PJP produces music, film, TV, Internet shows, and live entertainment. PJP also produces and publishes the Actors Podcast Network, consisting of over fifteen informative and entertaining shows on three channels: Actors Reporter, Actors Entertainment, and Actors Radio, from her centrally-located studio in Hollywood, California.

From 1993 through 2008, Pepper Jay created and hosted the Working Actors Group, offering on-camera and cold reading workshops to working actors. In 1998, Ferrari joined Jay as a performance coach for singers and actors. Today, Pepper Jay is found on both sides of the camera. She continues to be a producer of live music entertainment and media content, director of films (‘Hercules In Hollywood’), documentaries (‘Women Warriors’), and music videos (‘Run’). She coaches performance skills for actors, speakers, and singers. Pepper (“SAG-AFTRA and AEA”) also remains a working actor (“The Call” – 2011, “Midlife” – 2011, “Brooklyn USA” – 2010, “Marked” -2007).



Dynamic Song Performance: The Singers Bible

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