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IPM: Let’s start by discussing Desert Dragon’s recent European Tour, which took the band to Portugal, France, and Spain among other exotic places. This, by the way, is bitchin’! Who exactly was responsible for making that happen for the band? GP: That would be myself and our guitar player from Germany, Wil Wallner, who was a friend of our singer. It was not an easy task; our Tour Manager had to pull a lot of strings to make it happen, but it was well worth it. And without the awesome crowds we had the tour wouldn’t have been anything, those people know how to rock. Our last gig in Cartagena, Spain our keyboard player was crowd surfed over the crowd.

IPM: What about the language differences you encountered on the tour – how did the band deal with that situation?

GP: Well, a lot of Europe does speak English, but at least in Spain our bass player, Alex Nasla, spoke enough Spanish to get us through a couple difficult times. And when they didn’t know English, they tried to help as much as possible, even in France. The French are wonderful people.

 IPM: How are the European music crowds different from those in the U.S.? In what way are they (European crowds) similar to our music fans here?

GP: The crowds in Europe do not hold back, when they hear good music they go crazy. We had the greatest support ever there! I almost didn’t want to leave although I love L.A. Everyone should go to a concert in Europe and see how people let go. Last time I was there I went to a Pink Floyd Tribute concert in Paris (Australian Pink Floyd) and there was like 6000 people there, sold out… for a Tribute band.

IPM: Looking ahead, Desert Dragon is Direct Support for Dokken at the Canyon Club on Friday. November 25. That’s a venue your band has played quite a bit in the past, so you must have a good working relationship with them. Discuss that?

GP: Yeah, I myself live close by and we work hard to get a good-size crowd. This venue is very feasible; the people that run it are very professional and easy to deal with, and good for other connections. In the beginning it took a little bit – The Canyon Club does not take just anyone – and they want to make sure they keep people coming back. I have not seen a bad band there yet.

IPM. Let’s Talk about your groups’ new singer, who has quite the storied background?

GP: His name is Kenny Kanowski. Kenny has sung for a lot of bands, and is a great songwriter, perhaps most known as a guitar player for Steelheart, who appeared in the movie “Rock Star” starring Mark Whalberg. Kenny has a great range and is a really down-to-earth person. I will be excited to be on the same stage as him, he rocks! In actuality, Kenny will be performing with Desert Dragon only for the November 25 Canyon Club gig. From there, we’ll see how things work out.

IPM: Desert Dragon released a new album, Before The Storm, at the beginning of the year. Tell us about that?

GP: We released this album in February with Sliptrick Records in Europe, which we have since separated from. We have had some airplay from the album; the songs “Flying High” and “We The People” were tracks that best seem to fit with radio airplay. The album also has harder stuff on it, such as the tracks, “Desert Horizons” and “Desert Dragon” (the latter is the album’s Title Track).

IMP: What direction has your music taken since Desert Dragon first formed?

GP: I would say we’ve become more mainstream, in the sense that if you don’t have songs with catchy hooks and a good groove, you really have nothing. On the subject of genres, it’s kind of hard to pinpoint the focus of that. When you write songs, you want someone to say that’s different, but I like it – not that (the songs) sound like this or that. I’m not saying that people don’t have influences when they write, but make it say something and make you feel something.


IMP: On a completely different note, in your opinion, is America now screwed with Donald Trump set to become President?

GP: I never talk about politics unless I know the person. I try to talk to people through my music. I am personally a Libertarian. I believe less is more sometimes. And we should all believe in peace, love, and Frisbee’s (laughs).

IMP: What lies ahead for Desert Dragon in 2017 and beyond?

GP: We are writing new material, and trying to get a little focus on genres, but not get crazy with it. If it’s what sounds good, do it. We’re also going to try to get a tour going this Summer in the U.S. We would love to hear from you if you want us to play in your town.

IMP: Don’t be shy, shoot us all the band’s Social Media links?

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