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THE PRESS GANG Offer Free David Bowie Tribute Track ‘Dagger For The Eye’ via PureGrainAudio


THE PRESS GANG recently released their fifth studio album ‘Medusa 5’ via their indie label Wiener Dogs. The ten track release showcases one of Calgary’s most talked about bands and their blend of heavy riffing punk, heavy metal and hard rock. Teaming up with, these rabble-rousers are offering fans a free download of ‘Dagger In The Eye’, the album’s first track and homage to one of the world’s greatest musical geniuses David Bowie.

Vocalist / guitarist Colin McCulloch comments:

One of my biggest musical influences was David Bowie. His passing, and the way he checked out with his final album was nothing short of spellbinding, inspiring, and very humbling. This song is a tribute to the man and his work ethic, and a brute reminder that we are all indeed mortal. Life is short. Sing your OWN song, make your OWN mark upon the world. Let this be a call to arms to do just that each and every one of us. What this man did with his life creatively is staggering.”


Formed in 2006, lead-vocalist Colin McCulloch explains how he named the band. ‘In history class I learned what a Press Gang was. When a ship was low on personnel they’d sail into a port, and send to shore a Press Gang, a band of men with the intent of ‘pressing’ men into service to replenish the crew. They’d often wait outside a pub for local drunkards, whom they’d crack over the head and stuff into a burlap sack. When the poor sod would wake up, he’d be at sea, part of the new crew! That, to me, sounded like how an aggressive band should gain new fans.’

Lyrically, The Press Gang draws on the state of the world around us, observing wisely. ‘A lot of the songs are metaphors for the state of affairs regarding the human condition. Especially of late with the continuing trend of Political Correctness being perverted into what is today increasingly the divide with Neo Liberalism and the Right Wing and its ever-changing redefinition of terms. It’s a massive grey area, and while we have all the tools to better communicate, it would seem we do less and less of it successfully. The screen has no quality over actual human interaction and tone of voice.’

While this fifth album ‘MEDUSA-5’ released on October 12th, 2016 shows the band at the top of their game, live they slay! ‘We like to engage the crowds and employ our early punk ethic strategy…We like to string them together like a 1,2,3 punch, give them a small chance to breathe and hit ‘em again immediately with another three songs in a row. Playing our material with the utmost intensity is always our goal for a live show. People will remember catchy riff and songs, but they’ll really remember when you kick their ass with sonic force!’

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“The Press Gang knows how: loud riffs and never knowing when to quit.” – Beatroute

“…high energy, fun and really refreshing to hear.” – Absolute Underground

“Optimal Running Speed is a straight-up, hard rock album garnished with a metal-punk twist. Heavy guitar riffs, accompanied by raspy, harmonized vocals cover the metal influence; the underlining quick tempo is pure punk. At first listen, it may not seem as raw as their previous albums as there’s less grit than featured on earlier recordings.” – Beatroute




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