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New Faces New Sounds: Million Colors

Album: Million Colors – Released on January 28, 2017

Music and Lyrics: Daniel Grinberg

Project: The Legend Rock Club

Label: GreenToneMusic

Daniel Grinberg’s new album Million Colors featuring Alex, Aveva Dese and Sharon Brantman is fully aware of its own sonic poetry, there is a very real magic to the compositions that Daniel has been able to create. Passionate and powerful – Million Colors rapidly proves itself to be transcendent and allows the listener to be transported to a whole new world.

An album that seems destined to touch the hearts of fans across the world, Million Colors proves that Grinberg, together with Maor Shvarzberg and The Legend Rock Club artists, has rapidly been able to refine the kind of sound that has a very human power and an ability to resonate across generations. Always engaging, and full of delicious hooks, Million Colors sees the listener falling ever deeper in love and unable to escape the ethereal power of his unique brand of pop rock.

This new album is full of vibrancy and haunting lyrics, sweet and soulful, Million Colors is one story after the other of lives lived and roads travelled, step by step, memory by memory, it is, in whole, eloquent and masterful.

About Daniel Grinberg

Daniel Grinberg was born in Buenos Aires. His father was a lawyer and his mother a CPA. He has an older brother and a younger sister. At the age of 13 Grinberg immigrated with his family to Israel.

He started playing instruments when he was 4 or 5 years old. Starting with a typical Argentinian small plastic flute called “tonete” which he got from a cousin, he moved on to an old guitar that he found, and then started playing on his uncle’s piano. He taught himself to play and with time his skills grew.

As a child he was a terrible student and playing music was his whole life, but Grinberg always had a great passion for sciences and technology and at an early age was able to repair electronic devices.

In his teenage years Grinberg spent most of his time playing the electric guitar with local rock bands. Despite his hatred for educational institutions he decided that he wanted to study music and after one year with a private teacher  was accepted to the music academy at Tel Aviv University where he 5 years before spending a year as a teacher there. This was in the early 80’s.

In that period he got married and had his first child, a daughter. For a living he composed music for television and worked in recording studios, where he first came across computers.

He got a crazy idea to develop optical software capable of inputting music scores and transforming them into mathematic codes, which would enable automatic transcriptions and transpositions. In those days it seemed impossible, especially for a guy with no engineering education. It took him 2 years to overcome the challenge but it lead to an impressive achievement that got him hired by an American hi-tec corporation where he started his 30 year technological career, focusing on complex systems and artificial intelligence.

Through the years he kept composing music for plays, as well as some electronic music, some jazz and a little instrumental Music.

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