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Birdsworth wants to Treat You Good

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Birdsworth Set to Release Newest Single ‘Treat You Good’

New Music Article with Artist Interview / Review

By Joseph Timmons: IndiePulse Music Magazine

Psych-soul band ‘Birdsworth’ have announced details of their next single ‘Treat You Good’which is set to be released on 21st April 2017.

Written around a drum beat heavily inspired by Indonesian Psychedelic bands such as Brim and The Black Brothers, ‘Treat You Good’ features seriously catchy vocals, lush harmonies and is backed by a melodic bass line lightly inspired by Led Zeppelin. The track was an ongoing process from November 2016 up until February 2017 and was recorded and mixed in a shed by the band themselves.

Influenced by an array of bands, ranging from Funkadelic to The Style Council, Birdsworth have their own distinctive sound. The video, shot in three hours at Horsell Village Hall, was inspired by the bands experience of turning up to run down social clubs and town halls and playing to an audience who were often there by mistake. The lead role stars DJ Meat Raffle (alter-ego of Birdsworth lead singer Jack Coffey) along with the remaining members of the band all wearing clothes found in a box at the back of the hall.

In Review,

Treat You Good is a lively / Jazzy rhythm heavy track filled with a pop fused rock beat, and extra heavy on the happy! This song definitely has a Latin inspired get your hips moving feel and just gets stuck in your head, in a good way. Treat You Good will be the underground hit of 2017 party music scene and like many of the other bands songs, has staying power that would rock the music collection of any music lover, personally, I feel the band defies the label of genre and could be just as at ease making traditional rock songs while sliding with “Just a jump to the LEFT” and do a sticky sweet bubblegum pop song that won’t make you hurl. They are just that good.

Interview Q&A:

IPM:  So, where did the name “Birdworth” come from?

Well, the man dancing on the artwork for “Treat You Good” is a bloke who we’ve seen out and about for years and for some reason we nicknamed him Martin Birdsworth. Funnily enough he is also known as “Cat Man” to some people. The truth is nobody knows his real name, but if you go to the same pub every Saturday night you will see him dancing really low to the ground. We felt it was a fitting tribute to have him on the artwork.

IPM: Describe your sound, or how would you say your fans describe you?

GRAVY & BASS.. Or if we were to delve deeper, it’s a heavily groove based, focused around drums, bass, two vocals and a little bit of guitar. We’ve just expanded the Birdsworth family and now have Mr.Eddy G on keys and that has filled out a lot of space. We spend a lot of time stuck in traffic en route to our gigs and the CD’s on repeat in our “funk bus” are things like The Style Council, Parliament-Funkadelic, Indonesian Psych compilations, Slum Village and lots of Daptone, so all that is thrown into the sound.

I hear different descriptions from people that see us live, some say we sound like The Stone Roses others get it really wrong, for example, one punter said we sounded like The Kooks.. So he must have missed our set.

IPM: Are you excited about the upcoming tour and the release of the single ‘Treat You Good’ on Vinyl?

Having music released on vinyl has been a dream ever since I first saw ‘Kevin & Perry Go Large’ (UK comedy film from 2000) when i was 8 years old, so we are all very excited to finally be putting something out on wax.

As for the tour, we are very much looking forward to our biggest ever headline gig at the legendary Dublin Castle in Camden, London on 28th April. It will also be the 1st Birthday of our club night (the GRAVY BASS SOCIAL) so we might have to get some cake and balloons involved.

IPM:  Most of your shows are in Europe, any U.S. Shows in the mix or in the future?

A Birdsworth American visit has always been on our to-do list. Who knows when, but we’d love to bring our Gravy Bass Roadshow to the states. We’d also be very keen to spend many hours sifting through crates in the US record shops.

IPM:  OK, Just what the hell is Gravy Bass?

That’s a question we get asked nearly every day, we had a short film made with a similar question as the title. But the term was invented by our friend Paxton (who features heavily in our artwork/gig posters) he described our first recordings as Gravy Bass and its stuck ever since. Birdsworth would be nothing without our Gravy, we owe it all to Paxton.

IPM:  Last Question… if your drummer was an animal, what would the fish say?….. Just kidding, actually, tell us about the band’s chemistry, what makes Birdworth tick?

We all get a buzz from how easy sound-checks are for us. We’ve all been in bands before where other members spend 15 minutes worrying about how much reverb they want in their monitor. We all just crack on and do it for the love of GRAVY BASS.

Birdsworth have previously opened for acts such as The Milk and The Rifles and have gained a strong following along the way, leading them to host their own club night known as the GRAVY BASS SOCIAL, which is where their single launch gig will take place on Friday 28th April. Prior to this, the band have a lineup of live shows to promote their single release.

  • 18th March – Trinity Bar | Harrow
  • 25th March – The Couch | Bracknell
  • 13th April – Sakura | Reading
  • 14th April – Crown & Treaty | Uxbridge
  • 21st April – The Cannon | Guildford (Acoustic)
  • 28th April – Dublin Castle | London

‘Treat You Good’ will be available online via all major media providers and on 7″ vinyl from 21st April onwards. More information about the band can be found on their social pages or official website.




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