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Interview with Billy Lovelace of The Lovelace Brothers


Interview with Guitarist and Vocalist, Billy Lovelace of The Lovelace Brothers

In the Mid 1970’s, a young 10 year old Billy Lovelace started his career and love of music with, in his words “A Beat Up Norman Electric”, playing the guitar was a natural gift and talent for Billy, and this natural talent started him on the path to creating his own sound and gift of performance. Under the training of historically great artists and the direction of Tower of Power’s own Dick Wilkie, he soon moved on to Los Angeles, working in the industry, for recording studios and his many years of performing with many popular bands, honing his craft and making his name, Billy Lovelace took sabbatical 1996 to 2005, resuming his career in 2006.Now with The Lovelace Brothers, we can once again hear some great music the fingers that started on a “Beat Up Norman” IndiePulse Music Magazine has a great interview to share with you that we got to do with the great Billy Lovelace.

IPM: Being from Texas, do you think the sound of the Lovelace Brothers encompasses an ‘all-Texas’ sound, or are there other musical influences I at work here as well?

Billy: Texas is a major influence. We’re from Southeast Texas. I was born in Louisiana but raised as a child in Orange TX. which borders Louisiana, so being raised on the border, Louisiana is a dominate influence as well.

IPM: Be honest here: What’s it like to play in a band with your brother?

BillyI feel very grateful to have a sibling that’s a musician like myself. It’s truly magic. We can almost read each other’s mind. We know exactly where the grove is, as if our minds are connected. At all times, we know where we want the song to go. Without saying a word, we are tighter than a greased string in a cat’s ass.

IPM: Who do yourself, and the band, count among your main music influences, who have helped shape the sound you have today?

Billy: Influence? I would say, Hendrix, Johnny Winter, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Freddie King, Albert Collins, Buddy Guy, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Robin Trower, & of course all the Kings.

IPM: What new music/recordings are The Lovelace Brothers working on now?

Billy: Well we just released “Leaving” an original, & “Come On” by New Orleans Blues great Earl King. The next songs to be released will be another original, & “Going Down” by Freddie King.

IPM: Why did you-all first get into playing music? What would you-all be doing now if you weren’t musicians?

BillyWe are from a somewhat of a music-involved family. On my father’s side, my grandfather owned in the 1950s – 70s KOGT in Orange TX. My Uncle owned a Blues bar in Austin TX. called Mamma’s Money, which I was told that The Fabulous Thunderbirds played. Also, I had a few Uncles that were musicians. On Mamma’s side there were some Gospel & Bluegrass groups. If I wasn’t in the Music Bizz. I would probably have been a Chef or in the Fishing & the Boat business. But that’s another story.

IPM: The proverbial shit has hit the fan, politically-speaking, in our country. That thought in mind, do the Lovelace Brothers have any songs that are of a social/political commentary, or any in the works?

Billy: No, I think nowadays people look into music for an escape from what’s happening in the world. Back in the 1960s it was different. Now with all the mass media, the internet, & all the news channels, you almost can’t get away from it. So, we write our songs on a personal level, lyrics about everyday life. Sometimes you could almost think the song was written about you.


IPM:  Which Lovelace Brother gets more female interest – Billy, or Paul?

BillyInteresting question. We have never felt the need to keep score, but since I need to answer the question. I would say Paul. (Women love his red hair)

IPM: Does the band have any touring plans in the near future?

Billy:   Absolutely. I would love the opportunity to open for a major artist or festival tour. I really enjoy performing in front of an audience. The stage is my home. That’s where all the magic happens.

IPM: Best way for your fans to keep up-to-date with the Lovelace Brothers (website, social media sites, etc.)?

Billy:   We are working on the website. But in the meantime you will have to go to Facebook & YouTube. We should be easy to find. But just in case, here’s some links: and my Facebook page.

IPM: Parting words to our readers?

Billy: We would like to thank, Doug Deutsch Publicity Services, all the radio stations & magazines, especially our friends & fans. We couldn’t do it without you. Also remember, “Life is not measured by how many breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away” (George Carlin).



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