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Megan Flechaus: Austin’s Rising Star


Megan is a jazz, blues, and folk-influenced singer-songwriter. She began writing and playing music when she was 15 years old. She expresses thought provoking lyric through soulful tone and eccentric chord voicings. Her song, Moon Mansion, off an early EP appeared in the Indie Film, King’s Faith, filmed in her home city of Rochester, NY. She released her first full-length album, New, in October 2014.

Born in Brockport, a suburb of Rochester, NY. While she always sang songs to herself, she focused mainly on travel soccer until the age of 15. It was then that she dug her father’s old guitar out of the depths of her basement, dusted it off, and hid away in her bedroom learning as much as she could. Her first performance, in her living room in front of her parents, remains the most terrifying performance of her life. But, after breaking the ice, she received endless support and encouragement from her family.

At age 17, she graduated high school and set off to study astronomy at The University of Hawai’i at Hilo. (It was her passion for astronomy that later influenced her to purchase her most beloved guitar, a ‘98 Takamine Celestial which she lovingly named The Goddess). While in Hilo, she began playing with a local band called The New Year Romantics as a backup singer. After gaining friendship and confidence through this experience she returned to New York to continue her studies closer to home.

In 2012, she moved to Charlotte, NC where she began developing her style and performance. After a great deal of introspective writing, she began to record her first full-length album, New, with John Brighton at Mabby Road Studios. Together, they slowly chipped away at this project for two years. She released New in October of 2014. Shortly following her release, she and Brian Raynor started a blues and jazz influenced band called Pearl Hill.

In 2015, she moved to Austin, TX in pursuit of furthering her music career and jamming with Austin’s finest. She has since met and befriended who became the five members of Lady Jams (Jamie Kunning, Lucy Bergin, Megan Flechaus, Sam Goss, and Sara Louise). What started as five singers getting together to share songs and inspire each other, quickly turned into a writing collaboration between five powerful women. Megan continues to play solo and as a part of Lady Jams in Austin and the surrounding areas.

Recently, Megan has formed a band around her original compositions known as Flechaus and the Thresholds. Band members are Dominick Chaillot, Kenzie Slottow and Nathan Smith. As of 2017, Megan has left her desk job and is finally working as a full-time musician in Austin.


The Interview:

IPM: Are there any specific music artists that you give props to, for being your main reason/influence for embarking on a music career?

Absolutely! Bruce Springsteen, Sara Bareilles and Dallas Green are three major influences of mine. But, there is one artist in particular who really got everything started. A friend showed me a video way back in the early days of YouTube by singer-songwriter Terra Naomi. The song was, “Say It’s Possible.” I was so moved that I decided I wanted to be writing and singing music as well. I immediately began learning the guitar and honing my voice; I’ve been performing ever since.

IPM: We generally ask our interviewees to describe the genre of music they perform, as it helps our readers better determine if what you do is something that might interest them. So – what’s Megan’s sound like?

If I had to pick one, I’d say folk. But I also include elements of blues and jazz as well. I find it easiest to describe my genre by whose station I might pop up on if I were on Pandora. You might find me in the mix with Norah Jones, Jewel, or Sara Bareilles.

IPM: In your bio info, it says you moved from Rochester, NY to Austin. Why the move, and how has it impacted your music career thus far?

I’ve lived in several different places in my life. I was actually living in Charlotte, NC for about 3 years between living in Rochester and living in Austin. The move to Austin was mainly in pursuit of a more music centric city, and I’d say I found just that! Since my move, I’ve met some very talented musicians and have had the privilege to collaborate with and build friendships with some of Austin’s finest. I’ve grown a lot as a musician and as a person here.

IPM: If you weren’t a musician, what are one or two career paths you might’ve chosen to pursue?

I would most likely go back to school for astronomy. That has been a passion of mine since age 9 when my parents bought me my first telescope! I’ve also considered career paths in linguistics or childhood education.

IPM: With regards to your songs, what have been some of your favorite subjects to write about (and can you pick out a few of your songs here)?

It’s hard to say a favorite, but lately, I’ve been hopping on whatever random thought train and writing about that. A single that is soon to be released called, “Pitter Patter,” is a great example. It started with a rain falling on my window and ended with me wondering what life would be like, and what we might understand, if we could perceive wavelengths outside of the necessary one’s our senses have evolved to perceive (whether it be auditory or visual). So, I wrote a little ditty about it.

IPM: Is the Austin music scene all it’s cracked up to be, from your point of view? How so, and how is it not?

There are pros and cons. Austin is just jam packed with very talented musicians. It’s great because I’ve found there is a very supportive sense of community among the musicians here. For the most part, everyone respects each other, supports each other, and wants to work together. You’re never hard pressed to find great talent to collaborate with. It’s tough though because there is so much talent, getting gigs here is harder work than it has been for me in other places; especially since I’m newer on the scene.

IPM: According to your PR person, your plan is to release a new single each month with regards to your upcoming album. What are you thinking behind this?

I decided to go with singles instead of an album because I’ve noticed people just aren’t really buying CDs anymore, but they will go online and purchase one or two songs from a release. I’m sort of experimenting here to see if I get any different responses from my fans. Releasing one a month gives me the opportunity to have something to get excited about each month for the next bit and try different methods of promotion with each one to see what works best.

IPM: What artists are in your IPOD/CD player at the moment?

To be honest, the main thing in my CD player right now is the Living Languages program because I’m trying to learn Spanish! But, I always love to toss in some Lake Street Dive, Bruce Springsteen, Sara Bareilles or City and Colour! I’ve also been listening to a lot of the Andy McKee station on Pandora as well. I love me some sweet guitar instrumentals!

IPM: Have you laid out a game-plan yet, as far as how you hope your career can proceed?

I’m doing a lot of trial and error right now. I am involved in several projects trying to make ends meet. I’ve put together a full band, FlecHaus, behind my originals and am trying to push that project the most. Ultimately, my goal is to gain enough momentum to where I can support myself on just my music alone and do a couple of short tours each year. Anything beyond that is just gravy! I am currently working on booking a solo tour this July going to my home city of Rochester, NY and back here to Austin! I plan to stop in Rochester, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, St. Louis and maybe Little Rock.

IPM: In closing, how can people keep in touch with you and your latest goings-on?

I’m most active on Facebook (/fleganmechaus)and Instagram (@meganmusic). I also keep an up-to-date listing of shows on my webpage



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