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Bullet Proof Lovers

Bullet Proof Lovers have delivered, rock n’ roll above & beyond on their full length debut

Shot Through The Heart‘.

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Hi-def, un-breakable CD w/lyric sheet out now on Rum Bar Records.

Bundles w/buttons, koozies, Rum Bar releases and more, visit the Rum Bar store:
“I Am My Radio” lead video, check it now!

“Every song and every note is a certified power poppin’ rock and rollin’ cat on a hot tin roof classic: trust me, I don’t say that lightly.” – Uber Rock

“You’ll just get addicted!”- Veglam

“Bullet Proof Lovers represent a time in our world when rock n’ roll was all about fun and aspiring to a radio hit was no crime. They’ve got the chops, they’ve got the attitude, and for damn sure they’ve got the songs!”
Faster And Louder

“12 songs, a little over half an hour, all the hooks you can handle, Shot Through The Heart is a record that should go nuclear.” – Maximum Volume Music

“The cross continental band served up plenty of excitement in a short duration and suggested the band would deliver the goods on subsequent releases.
The wait is over.” – Real Gone

“I Am My Radio – Sort of on the lines of The Ramones ‘Do You Remember..’ this track reminds us of the power and the glory of the good old radio.” – 50thirdand3rd

“These tracks can’t help but remind us of the good old days when every week there’d be a great new band hitting the sunset strip.” – The Soul of a Clown

“A bit of Detroit power and L.A. flash” – Blurt

“The blitz of The Ramones, the urgency of early Cheap Trick, heads down
and rock”. – I Don’t Hear A Single

Also available from Rum Bar Records, brand new releases from:
The Connection, Tom Baker and the Snakes, The Cheap Cassettes,
and Watts.

Get The Music Now

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