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Self-Proclaimed Groovalutionary ellee ven is joined by SCC’s Prodéje on Her New Video “Sun Up”

Self-proclaimed groovalutionary ellee venreleases new video “Sun Up.” She describes it as an “in the pocket deep groove” and is excited to be back at work with longtime collaborator, L.A.-based rapper Prodéje.

I look up to the sky
It’s storming and I’m cryin
My eyes on you you gave me wings you got me flying
My minds expanding
Thought I lost and now I see through
My rights my wrongs and all i know is that i wish you

There’s no sun up in the sky…..

Also, featured in the video are ellee ven’s bandmates Antony Lee on guitar, Joey Giachello on drums and Freekbass on bass. In the works this summer are new releases performed and produced by superstar percussionist Terry Santiel and Engineer and Producer, Reggie Dozier.

ellee ven calls her music “groovetonics”: it makes you move and lifts your mood. ellee ven was awarded Best Electro Pop Artist at the Los Angeles and in 2007 “You Can Buy Me” won “Best Video” at the South Bay (Calif.) Music Awards.

The visual content is expansive. One of her latest, “Underwater” is set to a mesmerizing dance-groove beat, with black-and-white, sensual imagery throughout. Other videos by ven include: “You Me Us Oui“; “All Of Me” (featuring Prodéje); and “Tightrope.”

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