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Denmark Band Features Carsten Fabricius (Guitar-Vocals), Wife Henriette Lykke Fabricius (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Daughters Sally and Denise On Vocals –  “Straw Stands For Strong Nature And Flexibility”

Straw ‘The Family Band’ release their new video, “Bang Bang,” a cool rockin’ song in which a woman (played by Straw vocalist Denise Fabricius) experiences all sorts of roadblocks as she tried to board a plane to meet with her lover.

The Denmark-based band are known for their clever videos, including “Family And Friends,” “To A Higher Place” and “Hot Sunny Day.”

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“The Family That Plays Together Stays Together” is a commonly-heard phrase, and in the case of Denmark-based band Straw, couldn’t be more accurate. “When we started it was just Carsten and I,” recalls Henriette.”Several years back we wrote songs together. After I had participated in the Danish Eurovision Song Contest, we made several solo albums under my name, all produced by Carsten. Then, we had children and I continued  singing as a solo artist. We had at lot to do and things were difficult – to be honest, we almost got divorced. But we made it. Both of us had a lot in our hearts and our minds, and we began to write songs together again – we still do (write together). We ended up with a lot of songs and  decided to form Straw. The children came naturally, as they almost grew up with the songs and therefore knew them better than anyone! They grew up with a singing mother and a father producing music and playing the guitar. For them, it was the most natural thing in the world to sing and play music. They began singing along and gradually they also joined us on gigs. Suddenly we were a family band. She adds, “Straw has it all and it stands for strong nature and flexibility. We think it’s very important to be flexible in relationships, like when a straw bends in the wind.”

Other members of Straw: Helge Solberg – “a very famous Norwegian bass player who came to Denmark when he was very young and stayed here when he met his wife and got a lot of gigs. He has played with almost every famous band in Denmark and is still going strong in his sixties. He’s now dedicated to Straw Family,” explains Henriette; Frederik Nordvang  – “our young lead guitarist and son-in-law (married to Denise, Carsten’s wingman). Since he was very young he has also been playing a lot with his own band. Frederik lives with Denise”; Carsten Milner – “our drummer. He’s also a very experienced musician and has played with most of the best bands in Denmark. We are honored to have him with us.”

Defining the Straw “sound,” on the other hand, is a bit more challenging. “We’re not rock, or blues or country – we’re actually a little bit of each, ” insists Carsten. “This (variety of sounds) in our music has led to a wide fan base, but, sometimes confuses radio programmers looking to put (Straw) into one particular genre. “

The band continues to release new music regularly; their two most recent songs are “!965” and “Bang Bang,” with at least four more songs planned for release in 2017. As for plans to possibly tour abroad, Carsten says, “We all think, it would be fantastic to visit other countries with our music, especially the U.S – That’s why we’re now working internationally to get our music across the borders. And it is very exciting and promising.  We hope that there will be a serious booking agent, that would be willing to arrange and plan a tour in the U.S., but we’re also aware that it’s expensive to travel with the whole band – eight people, but if he/she (booking agent) is out there – we’re ready.”



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