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September Mourning Collect Souls in Cincinnati

On Tuesday May, 23 Dark Eden Productions hosted the Summer Soul Collection tour of L.A. based September Mourning at the Mad Frog in Cincinnati for a night of loud reaping. September, Riven, Wraith, Shadou and Stitch brought the goods with an upgraded stage show and presentation going beyond the costumed visuals, with their story told from the screen in graphic detail.

Local support came from the Shaun Peace band and Columbus based electro duo Curse of Cassandra.

September Mourning is currently stretching across the nation through mid-August. Those that have already surrendered their spirit to the haunting hybrid know what to expect at a show. The next edition of their comic alter ego’s comes out June 14 on Top Cow Productions and Image Comics.

September Mourning carry the mantle as a multi-media project interweaving comic characters into a live show playing hard symphonic influenced rock in the vein of Evanescence and In This Moment, this tour having a touch of Operation Mindcrime, done their way.

The Shaun Peace band draws their roots from good ole’ rock & roll, blues and a touch of the alternative. Intermingling acoustic and electric, bridging the gaps and norms of genres combining sounds to dance to with music to drink to.

Imagine Taime Downe (Faster Pussycat) vocals meets Roadhouse beer bottle blues and Tom Cochrane “Life is a Highway” attitude.

The jams began bluesy, laid back and serene on “Smoke Break.” Guitars dug in like musical ditches, playing those hard chain-gang work days with homemade gin on “Sway.”  The “Party” got moving and grooving with a little Reggae action and hip-hip flavor just in time for the up pace and tempo of the “Afterparty.” There was no time for recovery or pacing, you just gotta drink, groove and boogie.  Have fun now, you’ll pay for it in the morning.

“Rock N’ Roll World” brought out the strong liquid refreshment, getting loaded and smoked with inhibitions withdrawn.  “Keep On” spoke of the hard times of bad days and the happy times of the good.


Curse of Cassandra is Asher Black and Electra Complex, dark ambient gothy witch music. As seductive as a coven finds the woods Cassandra will enhance and enchant the mind. No incantations or hexes needed.  Black controlled the noise pulling out the sax as needed as Complex danced through the rituals weaving her breathy spell.  “Hold Me, Kill Me, Slay Me” rumbled and purred with her trailing voice teasing tales of domination, legal and otherwise. “Ghost” glided down the mic, vocally caressing the crowd with otherworldly effect leaving cold spots and hot hearts.

The black cloak came off letting the stars shine on her attire. Complex performed through the illuminated branches and bristles of her stage mic, kneeling down mid-set embracing the glow of the crystal ball.

“Binding” picked up the pace, bringing the goth club vibe to the floor, naughty in nature yet refined in performance and delivery.  No one has to know what happens behind closed doors when heartbeats rise and breath accelerates.  “Stardust” went intergalactic exploring the seductions of the cosmos. Lack of oxygen can stimulate arousal and terror.

“Dragon on a Leash” proved there’s a spellbound fantasy to meet everyone’s unique tastes, ageless and limitless. The creepy stoic atmosphere of “Carpe Noctem” swept in the room like sinister fog with melancholy fingertips and hidden surprises with Black pulling out the ceremonial drums.


The beginning of the evening’s story was told on the screen as comic book illustrations scrolled down with audio narration from September. The hooded ravagers took the stage followed by the cloaked human hybrid. “Eye of the Storm” began the worship. “Superhuman” explained her given fate-defying powers with a power-poppy groove. They took several short breaks between songs letting the screen and graphics tell their story and intro songs. Things went soft and somber as the dark petals danced in September’s hands, as green light illuminated her armor. The petal’s cadence to the queen fell with her wicked ending screams on their version of “Stand by Me.”

“Heart Can Hold” started bombastic testing how much emotional weight and experience the muscle of life could endure. Guitars and synth revved up on “Angels to Dust.” Some of heaven’s wings will burn but Fate will take casualties as well.

“Skin and Bones” brought the battle between Fate and the reapers vs September to life on the page and the stage.

Deep sewn agony and devotion were sung lyrically as symbolic tears fell on the symphonic- powered “Till You See Heaven.” “Children of Fate” brought up the mood with a hard slamming statement of who we all are in September’s world.

The race to revoke her powers of soul rebirth isn’t bound by dimension or realm. She will be chased through earth and the netherworld until caught on “20 Below.”


Images by Mike Ritchie




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