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Gravehuffer Explore the Realms of Metal with New Release ‘Your Fault’

Modern extreme metal is a strange genre in many ways due to so many of its groups being overly focused on creating one definitive musical style or image for themselves. GRAVEHUFFER, however, are a refreshing exception to that rule. Their new record ‘Your Fault’ is a musically diverse record which showcases ideas and influences ranging all across the horizons of heavy metal music. Songs like ‘Destroyer of Worlds’ incorporates socio-political displays of lyricism and strong harmonized melodic sections whereas ‘Shut Up and Skate’ is an incredibly enjoyable fast and charging punk anthem which emanates a subtle hint of lyrical sarcasm coated in a carefree sort of frivolousness. Things take a darker turn with tracks like ‘Kill for Sport’ in which you hear a very tasteful fusion of their grindcore influences and traditional slow metal riffs whereas the lyrics take a more introspective view upon the macabre processes of human suffering coupled with an overwhelming sense of nihilism and frustration. ‘Gravehuffer’, the first song on the album and probably the most diverse is a four-minute rollercoaster of musical events, beginning with a 40-second soundscape redolent of restless feet trudging upon mud in a graveyard before bursting into the song which features an explosive riff in 5/4 whereas ‘Chains Around You’ is a piece which features piano samples and variations from heavy to soft and fast to slow. Blast-beats and guitar solos do appear on the album but only sporadically and for the purpose of coloration. Overall the record is something that will impress many listeners with its unique conglomeration of styles and influences that seamlessly blend into each other in a sophisticated and experienced manner. Indeed, – GRAVEHUFFER are an exciting emerging group that ooze power, passion and perennial pessimism that will indubitably impress fans all across the extreme metal spectrum.


Mike Jilge – Bass
Larry Deardorff – Drums
Ritchie Randall – Guitars, Vocals (backing)
James Hiser – Vocals



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