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One Man Worldwide and Zombie Shark Records present MASKED METAL MAYHEM VOLUME 2 is finally here! The music compilation is available for FREE DOWNLOAD and STREAMING at

This is an amazing collection of New Metal from artists that know how to melt faces, boil blood and rattle bones.



  1. Motograter – “Parasite”
  2. World Gone – “Feed the Machine”
  3. Dirty Machine – “Discord”
  4. Dead Animal Assembly Plant – “Old Fashion Hellfire”
  5. Underlined – “Dig Up Her Bones” Misfits Cover
  6. Fungonewrong – “Pitbull Moshpit”
  7. Toxic Zombie – “Dead Sexy”
  8. PigWeed – “Fake For Now”
  9. Sevensins – “Denied”
  10. Freedom .45 – “Into the Hollow”
  11. Cool Homer Jack – “Self Destruct”
  12. Blacklite – “Coward”


vol 1

The first installment of Masked Metal Mayhem was released on August 12th, 2016 and is available for FREE DOWNLOAD and STREAMING at


  1. Motograter – “Wrong”
  2. Anti-Clone – “Astaroth”
  3. Blue Felix – “In The Mirror”
  4. Amerakin Overdose – “I, Alone”
  5. Underlined – “Because You Were Home”
  6. Darkc3ll – “The Un-United”
  7. The Convalescence – “Reflections”
  8. Thira – “Good Morning My Name Is John”
  9. ELETE – “Shutup and Row”
  10. Seven Days Lost– “Whiskey and Gasoline”
  11. Mettal Maffia – “Wake The World”
  12. Pinhed – “The End of Life”
  13. DiM. – “Boomstick”
  14. Sykosis – “Hollow Secrets”
  15. Apathy Syndrome – “Blind Eyes”
  16. Natas Lived– “Silencing the Lamb”
  17. Americaust– “I, Surrender”
  18. Psykotribe – “Vengeance”
  19. Harvest the Flesh – “Play Dead”


Robertson states, “I’ve always wanted to put something like this together. I’ve always been a huge fan of bands like Kiss, Gwar, Slipknot, Mushroomhead, Mudvayne, and Motograter, bands with a unique image. I’m also a huge fan of bands like Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Marilyn Manson, and American Head Charge.

A lot of industrial bands have such a great look. I love it! Something about the masks and the paint and the theatrics, it just really draws me in. I saw Moto on Ozzfest 2003 and my mind was blown. The first real tour I ever went on was playing drums for the masked band Pinhed; opening up for Mushroomhead every night. I feel like it’s just something I was destined to do… be involved with this sort of thing.

One of my biggest inspirations for all this is Steve Richards, the founder of No Name Recordings and No Name Worldwide. He managed both Slipknot and Mudvayne during their formative years and he also helped bands like Hatebreed, American Head Charge, Sworn Enemy, Motograter, and Mudvayne get their starts in the music business. He tragically died of brain cancer in 2004. He really inspired me to want to break bands.

That’s why I created oNe maN Worldwide and Zombie Shark Records; to promote these amazing bands and to pay tribute to Steve. I think we are building something pretty cool here.”



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