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Album Review: Keith Kenny

The words in song of a wondering poet, wandering the world, one song at a time with a big red suitcase.

Album Review: Keith Kenny by Keith Kenny

review by Joseph Timmons: IndiePulse Music Magzine

When I first saw Keith Kenny perform, I was awe struck, in waves of musical triumphs and the sweat of passion on his brow, the crowd just exuded love for his singing. Since then, so many years ago, I have come to see this young artist succeed one song after the other, one album at a time. And now with his newest offering, Keith Kenny, a self-titled album that we have so desperately been waiting for, has come to be.

As we once called him, “A Modern Minstrel in a backwards world”, Keith is the remnants of the “One Man Band”, he comes to the stage carrying his guitar and a big red suitcase that opens up to turn into a drum set, with only a few pedal effects and a wild look in his eye, he can play anything from a soft acoustic melody to a hard rock / metal encore, and all with a look of love.

So let’s cover the album, our opinion of the songs and what they mean to us. We will cover the tracks we think are most influential, but seriously, don’t take our word for fact, get the album and experience it all, travel in his steps, a mile in his shoes, one foot in front of the other on the long road to this album that will be the masterpiece of his anthology, at least until his next album.

First track that we just love to the end of time is Teenage Dream, at first it could be considered a teen angst anthem, but we listened to the song several times and I would think it openly mocks what the youth have become, the youth of America, and the world once sought to change and wanted to make a better world, now with the duck faced selfies and the look at my booty shares, the youth have become the sheep they sought to avoid.

Wayside is a song questioning relationship, when one side cares more for the other than the other cares for itself, thinking of parting, but not wanting to be cruel, stays and just copes with the one pony show their love has become.

Lost Souls, accepting that one knows not what they do, being “lost” yet offering to bring along a cherished friend, to get lost together, not all that wander, or wonder are truly lost, sometimes “getting lost” is the right thing to do.

Clothes in the Front Yard, what do you do when your life is laying all over the front yard, your relationship is now, quite possibly over, do you stay the same, do you change, move on or move over or move back in. our choices are always a make or break, it’s just all depending on what you are willing to loose.

These are our four top tracks on Keith Kenny by Keith Kenny, the top 4 of a selection of songs that are each fantastic and fun and wise beyond wise.

We came across this article by another writer, and it reflects our sentiment, so I know we are not the only ones that love this artist’s hard work.

(Excerpt from John Pfieffer of The Aquarian Weekly & Jessica Smith of the Sentinel)

“If the audience at a Keith Kenny show were to close their eyes for the performance they would swear that there was a full band on stage. The audience, however, is too busy dancing to the one-man acts layered guitar riffs, foot stomping percussion, and emotionally charged lyrics to even think about looking away.

His debut appearances at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park paved the way for Kenny’s developing one-man band show and led him into the national touring circuit and beyond. During his most recent “Big Red Suitcase Tour” Kenny performed in over 50 U.S. cities from coast to coast and was invited to headline a series of benefit concerts in SE Asia. In recent years he has shared the stage with the likes of Keller Williams, Leon Russell, John Hammond Jr., New Riders of the Purple Sage, The Zen Tricksters and John Kadlecik (Further & Dark Star Orchestra).

Kenny captures the essence of his live solo show, with all the guitars, vocals, and foot stomping performed simultaneously. While he has used a band for several previous releases, on this record Kenny relies more on his lone power of compositional grit than his usual fret board grandeur. With an influential voice that lies somewhere between Neil Young and Ben Bridwell, Kenny delivers clear and concise visions of dynamic musical deliverance. Combining a deep dive into tone, originality and believability, he ushers the listener into his brand new living room of roots riddled rock and roll.

His music is available on any of the following links, n CD, Digital, and his new album Keith Kenny is available on Vinyl as well.

Lets take a look at Keith Kenny – Live, his last album released prior the New, Self Titled Album



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