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Buried and Gone release single, ‘A Frozen Heart’

Another highly melodic band spawned from the utmost emotionally gut-wrenching area of the psyche is to be advertised and promoted through the one and only Inverse Records. The group in question is Buried And Gone. Their new single, ‘A Frozen Heart’ is a blending of pop sensibilities, visceral lyricism and dramatic riff passages. Genre-wise they sound like they have aspirations to fit into the Emo category, which I’m sure is something the majority of readers may dismiss from the get-go due to the strong and frankly unfair level of vehement hatred the Emo subculture receives as a whole. There are qualities however that set them aside from being categorized. The vocals aren’t your stereotypical post-hardcore ones, of which a large percentage of its singers have that polished, autotuned and slightly Americanized style. What gives this group a bit more of an exotic edge is that they’re Finnish but choose to have their lyrics in English. The song is three-minutes long and verse-chorus driven although it actually encompasses a lot of moods for its structurally limited time. It’s all ‘punchy’ for lack of a better word and its punchiness has the ability to strike many a chord with one’s emotional core. They place emphasis on soulfulness and you really hear the incandescence seep through the material. Even the video, a lyric video, is actually forthright and declamatory. They have a keen desire to express themselves and have managed to do so within this conglomeration of melodrama, anguish and angst.

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