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In Review: Bring a Little Christmas Spark – New Holiday Single by Jangling Sparrows.

Paul Edelman, multi-talented artist and front man of Jangling Sparrows has released a new single Bring a Little Christmas Spark just in time for the holiday, and when the world seems to need it most.

While still touring and promoting 140 Nickels, Edelman’s fourth release and the second with Jangling Sparrows, an album that comes with exciting new influences. While staying firmly grounded in Roots Rock/Americana there are some distinct flirtations with second-line feels on several tracks. From the songwriter that says, “Style is just another tool for expression.” Edelman still wears his songwriter badge on his sleeve with poignant lyrics and emotional delivery.

In Review: Bring a Little Christmas Spark is a feel-good holiday classic to be, it has a definitive “do the best you can” feel while saying that what matters is being together. The folk rock oriented sound just taps your feet to the beat and has that American Rock & Roll sound that comes out in holiday music. It has a very upbeat sound and captures the meaning of the Holiday.

We would also like to share with you tracks from the present album de-jour 140 Nickels, and it’s still a hot new album!


The album’s title is a reference to the days of being a struggling artist, to “scraping enough money out of one’s couch to get a can of dinner or a cheap six pack,” says Edelman, “a call to “bottle that feeling, that earnest drive and integrity of expression that we had for our craft in those days that sometimes gets lost as we grow.”

140 Nickels is also “a love letter to our former selves. It attempts to bridge the gap between then and now, both in the approach to the songs and the songs themselves,” says Edelman. Building on his last release, North American and Susquehanna, Paul continues his exploration of the theme of travel as a metaphor for emotional distance, time and reflection. This album, however forgoes the moodier interpretation of songs for a distinct punch of presence.

Here is a Track from 140 Nickels- Burnin’ A Hole

Paul Edelman can be found sitting comfortably in Roots Rock, Country, Folk, Soul or Storyteller. His lyrics have a way of making people feel understood and his emotional vocal delivery underscores that ability. Edgy and misty, his vocals often go from a holler to a whisper seamlessly and with crisp intention. He has been compared to John Prine, Townes Van Zandt and Jay Farrar for his ability not just to create a picture with words but a whole movie with the music.



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