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Single / Video Review: When She Dies by Jay Katana

When She Dies” is a dark and brooding track, as an instrumental, it conveys the message of the song perfectly without words.

Single / Video Review: When She Dies by Jay Katana

The new single “When She Dies” by Jay Katana, launched today with accompanying Video via YouTube, this is a first look and listen to material that is from the forthcoming album “Brighter Than Your Future”, which will be available everywhere this coming Dec 29, 2017.


When we had published our interview with Jay Katana a short time ago, we announced the upcoming release of “Brighter Than Your Future,” in addition with some track teasers on his YouTube channel. As a highly-skilled guitarist and performer, Jay Katana injects his signature brand of individuality into any song. With his tonal range and flawless technique, the Atlanta, GA-based musician works his signature style into virtually any musical genre.

Katana’s sound is unique and very recognizable; his leads are intense and versatile. His composing skills, performance and onstage action always give the audience a memorable experience and elevate the listener’s emotions. The close of 2017 sees Katana releasing his debut solo album, Brighter Than Your Future,” which blends the ultimate guitar experience with futuristic production of instrumental music.

In the interview, one of his remakes was a deep introspective view of Jay’s thinking and why this album is so special:


On your new album “Brighter Than Your Future”, what led to your decision to make the record completely instrumental, with no vocals?

“First of all, the whole idea of this record came to me suddenly one day, when I almost lost my left hand in an accident last spring. I was laying there in the hospital, waiting for surgery, and I wasn’t sure at all if I will ever play again. It felt so unfair to me at that moment: I spent all my life mastering my guitar playing, performing for people, bringing them inspiration and now it could be all over, with me not even having achieved anything of real significance. I promised myself that as soon as I got out of the hospital I would create the best guitar instrumental record ever. A record that will let the guitar shine in new colors and embrace today’s music beats and production.

Well, luckily, now I’m playing better than I’ve ever played and the tracks came out so quick. Literally everything (on Brighter Than Your Future) was composed and produced in four nights. As for the vocals or lack thereof – that was my whole point, to let the guitar speak for itself with as many voices and layers as needed.”

In Review: When She Dies” is a dark and brooding track, as an instrumental, it conveys the message of the song perfectly without words. I cannot say if this song, due to the title, is portraying the loss of a loved one, or of a moment, a relationship or of a dream. I think I can say this with some possible truth, as a man, we refer to many parts of our lives as “SHE”, from something material as a car, to something personal, like a “Muse”, something that inspires. When Jay told us of his almost severe personal tragedy and possible loss of limb, maybe this was a “what if”, the loss of his gift, his ability to play, his “Muse”, with that in mind, it takes a deeper perspective. The soulful timber and melancholy of the chord progressions and the sharp attacks on the notes make for a heartfelt and emotional response to the incredible performance he gives in this recording. The Video is simply an image of a darkened bridge in an urban city scene, a point of departure? Could the bridge be a place of demise? Or simply a point of perspective, a place to view the world while making peace with loss. One really needs to hear this track, and if it is to be believed that this album is an opus of his talents, the whole album will surely be worth the wait of just a few more days.


In 2016 Katana produced the critically-lauded Bleeding Boyfriend Vol. 1, a comic book series with electronic dance metal soundtracks. “A rock ‘n’ roll visionary has been born, and we are certain there will be an enthusiastic audience along for the ride,” wrote Brian Lush, Editor of ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE. “The ups and downs of love on the nightclub scene gone right and completely wrong, and illustrated in stark black and white, punctuated with a sound that marries electronic dance music with heavy metal guitars. A stylish offering from a talent that will have everyone asking for Katana’s business card,” Lush concludes.

Originally from Mondolva in Eastern Europe, Katana was recently a member of East Coast rock-metal band, Pool of Thorns, of whom Live Music Daily in Philadelphia raved, “Pool of Thorns brings beauty and passion to the raunchy high-powered metal scene.”

As he continues to establish himself in the music industry, Jay is sure that his best works are yet to come.

This major new release may be Pre-ordered at the artist’s website additionally, more material, music and his prior releases can be heard via his YouTube Channel and Soundcloud.



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