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BING’s Voice Soars Over Debut Single “Hanging On”

With the unavoidable wave of K-pop, J-pop, and C-pop crashing onto the shores of the west over the past five years, stars from all over Asia have started to become household names in the culture conversation. The latest highly-accoladed act to try to make a splash in  America is BING, who debuted her first single “Hanging On” in early December.

With “Hanging On” BING took the brave step of refusing to follow the standard pop formula, instead choosing to craft her own unique sound to capture listener’s attention. While risky, BING has emerged as an artist truly worth looking at, with a sound that mixes elements from both Western pop, as well as sounds from her native China. This eclectic mix appears off-putting on paper, but is executed in such a way that makes “Hanging On” a must-listen for fans of pop in general.


The song is akin to an intricate tapestry; a journey of sound with it’s own highs and lows, intent on leaving listen in awe upon hearing it for the first time. This voyage of emotions is led by BING’s voice, as she guides you through her emotional turmoil and pain, explaining she can’t keep hanging onto someone who’s providing her such pain. “Hanging On” effectively conveys this emotional weight to it’s listeners, proving BING’s ability to accurately convey her emotions to a Western audience.

With many acts coming over from Asia, a lot of the emotion is lost in translation. Western audiences may enjoy the sounds of the track, but fail to latch onto the emotional through line of the song. This isn’t the case with BING, who demonstrated with “Hanging On” the potential to be a star not only in America, but possibly the world.

Check out the emotionally moving song right here.

BING’s socials are a fan’s delight; filled with behind the scenes photos, as well as great outfits for the fashionable music fan. Check her out on IG, Facebook, and Twitter.



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