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 List Submitted to IndiePulse Music by Ring Of Fire Video – Not a Production of IndiePulse Music, but will be published by request because, well we can 🙂

Bottom of The Pops: Under 1000 You Tube Plays Chart

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CHART 80 : 3 JANUARY 2018

Ten Great Selected Songs / Tracks From You Tube Every Friday
All Have 1000 Plays Or Less
The Less The Plays The Higher The Chart Placing!

Keope – Cirulin– (17) – Killer chart this week. We start of with Keope released in October. Stunning tune that makes the summer feel closer than it is.

E.N.G. – CRTN – Grave Wave (36) – Should go on much longer than it does. In the end that’s the beauty, its perfect brevity.

Boof Radley – She Left Me  For My Personal Trainer(48) – This should be huge. In ye olden days songs like this would find a much wider audience than 48.

Nekroma – Carnival Urge (172) – If you live in Beijing for too long…this is what happens to you!

Cracky – Pack A Punch (243) – This beyond good and it’s on a label called cool carrots too. Instant collectors item.

Des Demonas – The South Will Never Rise Again  (297) – If we all chant together it will be true.

Ramzi – Nofo (341) – Rarely, I find, that a new ambient inspired tune will have the same effect on me as hearing “Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld” for the first time. This tune really does create that other place i find so lacking in most contemporary ambient inspired music.

The Hard Workers – Ayoba-Yo (432) – Gem of a find this one. From a recently released compilation of South African 70’s and 80’s dance tunes. If like me, you are a fan of the  Tshetsha Boys and theirinsane antics  you’ll love this  more mellow take on the rhythm.

The Chats – Temperature  (640) – So.. great new Brisbane band. Their Smoko track has gone viral with 800K + plays . So here’s another great lo-fi classic from them.

Artwork – Let Go of This Acid (573) – Absolute corker to finish with. Acid Deluxe is all we can say.



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Brought to You By Ring of Fire Radio

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