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LV Music: Woman Founded Super-Label hits Top Rankings

Article / Interview by Joseph Timmons: IndiePulse Music Magazine

Dutch producer/writer Femke started LV Music based out of Nashville to make sure the artists she works with have a way to get their music into the world. It’s only a few months strong, but they have already reached over  1.2 Million streams on Spotify, with a #2 top selling single in iTunes Singer/Songwriter and over 6 New Music Friday’s and 18 Spotify moderated playlists.


Since the foundation of this inspiring story is so important to the understanding of why this is a major deal, here are the details.

LV Music is an independent Label focused on great music first, with a unique release model in conjunction with Tonetree Music which serves the music creators above all else. As a label, they feel that the first step to success for an artist starts with someone believing in them. LV Music, started by Grammy-winning songwriter and producer Femke. After one year at Berklee College of Music in Boston, the Dutch native decided to try her luck in the Los Angeles Film and TV music scene. She won the ASCAP Harold Adamson award, studied with Lin Manual Miranda for a short summer at Chicago’s North Western University with the Johnny Mercer Foundation, worked for Richard Gibbs, Don Grusin while also working at Hans Zimmer’s Prestigious Remote Control studios in Los Angeles.

As a musician she sang with Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus on the soundtrack for Fired Up, played accordion on several indie movies, played guitar and programmed on ABC’s 10 Things I Hate About You and scored a season of Disney’s Binny und der Geist.

Her productions are swiftly gaining international attention with a UK viral chart mention for Four Walls on SYPS and BBC1 and 2 plays on BCMA award winner Jess and the Bandits and indie singer /songwriter Belle Mt. She’s creating a global hub in Nashville, working with artists from Thailand, China, Canada, the UK, Germany and Scotland that either come to her, or she comes to them with her portable studio.

She was recently the subject of the Dutch Documentary series “Don’t dream, Do!” about her success as a producer in Nashville. Femke has a studio at Liz Rose Music, a publisher in Nashville she works with closely for all her country material recently getting her cuts on Seth Ennis (Sony) and a few others.

In 2017 she decided to create a platform for the artists she thinks the world needs to hear and this is how LV Music was born in partnership with ToneTree Music. In the past several months, LV Music has been making some serious waves. Between our 4 artists we’ve been featured on over 7 New Music Fridays worldwide, 20 official Spotify playlists and over 100+ other playlists, 5 iTunes A-lists, 1 top 4 top selling song on iTunes and a few more features on Amazon.

Each artist has been receiving some fantastic press, including features on Record of the Day, Wonderland Magazine, Live Nation’s Ones to Watch and many more.


Quote from artist, LIEZA:

“Working with LV Music has been such a positive experience for me. Everyone at the label is so supportive and genuinely cares about my career, my thoughts, and wants as a person and artist. It’s helped my artistic expression immensely because I feel like I can think, say, or create anything and it will be heard and valued. It’s such a warm and inviting little family amidst this sometimes cold business.”

IndiePulse interviewed the LV Music and found some interesting facts that make this a label to follow in 2018 and beyond.

Tell us about LV Music, what was your inspiration and what are the goals of the Label?

I love artist development and production, and for the last 4 years that has been my main focus. There were great artists I worked with, but I started noticing that even if we made music we were both proud of, the artist didn’t have an outlet and a way to get the music out there. I decided to see if I could help create that outlet, and that is how LV Music began. I found a distributor, a PR Company and through trial and error found a few different ways to help get the artist heard. LV music is based on artist participation, so the artist has a pretty big part to play too, they have to be in charge of their social media, their brand, etc. Even though the PR Company and I help to create the plan, the artist has to execute it. My goals are to expand the roster and keep finding new outlets for the music.

What is your experience in music, and did it fuel your desire to create this concept for business?

I’ve been producing records for the last 4 years and before that, I was doing film and TV music. In college I always wanted to be a songwriter so I ended up really focusing on the composing and writing process. I guess there was a time where I was really pursuing the artist route for myself, but I really love working with other artists. Ultimately, being an artist for a while myself does help me understand what an artist needs, and that is what fueled the idea. I want to be the person I wish I had met when I was 21 and an artist.

Who do you have on your executive team, and do they share your vision completely?

Miranda Richardson is my day to day label person; she helps with everything from coordinating communication with the artists to setting up reminders for releases. Joshua Reynolds is my mix-engineer and sound wizard; he is the one that makes my productions sound like they make sense. When possible he is also the one who helps with the tracking of bands and artists. Shawn Fowler from ToneTree does all the distribution and helps us connect with the digital outlets, and Nicole Poulos from Sideways Media is our PR person who helps secure articles for each release.

So far, what has been the feedback; do you see a rise in interest in your artist catalogue?

I do! Since our first release in September we’ve been getting a lot of interest from managers, remixers, licensing companies, you name it. Our artists have all had an increase in their social media engagements and most importantly, streaming numbers. They all started from 0 and are now between 50,000 to 400,000 listeners monthly.

Who would you say are the most popular artists you produce?

I think each artist is popular in their own right. Belle Mt. has a lot of great playlist placements, LIEZA has a lot of fans in the female empowerment department with blogs, and Dancing on Tables is starting to breakthrough in the UK market.

Could you tell us of any drawbacks, and “scene wide” stereotypes you’ve had to overcome?

My philosophy is to turn my weaknesses into strengths. Even drawbacks, stereotypes and assumptions are disadvantages I don’t recognize as something to overcome, it’s actually something that fuels my vision. I think if there is a stereotype that people have of me or our artists, it will be more in their mind than it will be in mine.

Have you had any tours or participated in any festivals that really stand out as “win-win” moments?

Not yet, we are still building the numbers for each artist to a point where a tour can be really outlined around their fan base, but I have a feeling something will happen soon!

Looking at your accomplishments, would you say that you have made an impact in the present music scene? And with that being said, do you see room for growth or improvement?

I don’t think I have made an impact in the music scene yet, but I do think I might have made an impact in the artist’s careers that I’ve been fortunate to work with. I would like to eventually make a lasting impact in the music scene, so I’m aiming to continue to work towards that goal.

What are some of the big plans you have for the label?

Each artist has a team of people around them so I’m looking to grow the team for each artist and at the same time, grow the team of the label. I’m looking to expand on my relationships and find more creative outlets to take the music and the artist to the next level. A big plan for this year is to sign a few new artists and hopefully grow towards a few tours this year.

 In closing, what would you like our readers to really know about LV Music?

We see LV as a community, not just for music but for the other creative people who work with the artists. We are always looking for new connections and innovative fresh ideas and we are always open to meet people who share our vision and can add to that. I want LV Music to be a positive label experience where each artist can grow into themselves, and create their own lane.


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