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Product Review: HookeVerse Binaural 3D Headphones

We all enjoy being able to listen to and record the world as we hear it, but are we truly hearing it as it is?

HOOKEAUDIO has created a set of Bluetooth headphones that not only give you a superior quality sound, but with the inclusion of 2 Binaural microphones designed to record 3D audio, you can create video or record audio as it is, in real time! Capture your world and your treasured moments, music performances, family gatherings in 100% real 3D sound.

You hear the world in 3D; you hear sounds in front of you, behind you, even above you. Conventional recording techniques, especially on smartphones, leave sound flat and degraded. The existing smartphone microphones and many traditional external plug in microphones only records in mono. The standard Android or iPhone headphone jack is not stereo input; they are mono, so the input signal is not actually “separated”. The Hooke Verse changes this by capturing life in its full depth and dynamic qualities.


What is “Binaural Audio?”

Binaural audio must be recorded with 2 distinct microphones placed in exact polar dimensions from each other. A binaural microphone setup consists of two Omni-directional microphones wherein one mic is positioned very precisely within each ear (like your own eardrums). When a microphone is placed within location of each ear, you are now capable of recording audio identically to the way they hear it in reality.

Until now, there have been little or no consumer ready, portable and interactive devices to do what the HookeVerse Binaural 3D Headphones can do.


Our Review:


Upon opening the box, we found everything we needed to start:

  • Hooke Verse
  • Memory foam ear tips (small, medium, large)
  • Silicone ear tips (small, medium, large)
  • Microphone windscreens
  • Carrying case
  • 3D Audio recording cable
  • USB Charging cable
  • Jim Head**


**Jim Head is a cardboard construct which allows you to set your phone and the headset up to record full 3D selfies video, since real time action moves around you, you can move around the device with the world.

Full inclusive activity!

As Audio Headphones:

The HookeVerse Binaural 3D Headphones have a full range sound, deep bass, full mids and crisp, clear high end, we listened to Jazz, Blues, Folk, Rock and Metal, any music with sounds that range from very soft to very hard, the HookeVerse had no problem handling the need, in fact, we heard portions of sound we did not hear on standard headphones, in addition, on a standard home entertainment system, such subtle sounds also went unheard, we believe that since the HookeVerse is designed to capture sound in most environments, the playback ability must be just as flexible, so for listening to music – this was 5 out of 5 points.

In Use with Phone / Conversation Use:

The HookeVerse functioned quite well, simple operations, no lag hindrances or delay, we found that there was one aspect not mentioned, the HookeVerse had a very nice noise cancellation, the sound was clear, and felt like real conversation, no loss and was easy to focus on conversation while doing other things in studio (like life, you have a lot going on all the time). The HookeVerse were very easy to pair with phone and no signal drop when walking away from phone in stationary location, we got a good 50 feet from device before any “drop” occurred, 5 out of 5 points.

Use of HookeVerse App:

The recording feature of the HookeVerse is central to the charm of the device, and the promise to deliver was kept, we were in fact able to catch and record both audio and video in real 3D sound.  The HookeVerse app, available in both the Google Play Store and The iTunes App Store was easy to operate, the controls were very sensitive and the ability to use without reading direction ( come on, we all do that) was a no brainer, with reading directions and following correct steps, the recording features were even more sensible, and we continued to giggle profusely while sneaking videos of each other while in the studio (we will not post those videos, as adults we are supposed to set an example, but yeah, you got it) 5 out of 5 points.

Overall Use:

The HookeVerse was easy to use, reliable and fun, the battery life was well within the times estimated and the headphones are very durable, and the cords are quality, no slipshod, no amount of normal pulling “catching” on clothing, the occasional pull off / out would damage them. The paperwork that comes with device clearly states the HookeVerse are NOT WATERPROOF, and, we are 100% sure that is due to the sensitivity of the Microphones, it was great to know that the HookeVerse come with windscreens, which were also nice at adding a little warmth and comfort to the headset.

In Overall use, we rate at 4 out of 5 points, due to one feature that did cause a bit of confusion, which, in fact is not a problem with the product, but should be mentioned.

If there is any long term delay in audio stream, i.e.: you were listening to music, pressed pause and did not turn on within 15 min, the HookeVerse may shut off.

Power conservation is a great feature, but one often forgets to check to make sure the phone is still connected, with Android if the HookeVerse shut off, the phones ringer would sound when a call comes in, with iPhone, the phone missed a couple of calls, ringer did not sound, So not the fault of HookeVerse, it was in fact an issue with the iPhone we were testing, simple phone reboot resolved it.

 Overall Points:

19 out of 20 points TOP SCORE!

The HookeVerse Binaural 3D Headphones not only deliver on all promised features, but excelled in areas not mentioned, we at IndiePulse do not normally give such high praise to devices like this, honestly, most don’t get past 14-15 points, but these are really something superior and compared to other headphones, that promise great sound or new features that were “never before done” the HookeVerse Binaural 3D Headphones were 100% far superior when compared to other brands that cost up to 200.00 more that cannot record in 3d.


The HookeVerse Binaural 3D Headphones have an MSRP of $239.99 USD and come in 3 colors, Blue, Black and White, I would love to see the next Gen come in additional colors like Red or Chrome. They are available online at and




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