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The Garden De Sade

New Bleek Noir EP “The Garden De Sade” coming out soon, scheduled release date is 2nd of March 2018.

A fantastic new video for the single “Lips Left Hissing” now on YouTube, launched today.

The new Bleek Noir EP “The Garden De Sade” is yet another masterpiece of Dark and broody fun, who thought that a life of personal despair could be so eloquently put to music.

Yes, I know, that sounded wrong and insensitive, but Bleek Noir has taken what ails him and turned it into the Jekyll or Hyde potion that is the cure for those that suffer the bland music that sucks the fun out of the moment.

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Let’s face it, there is a darkness inside, one that broods to the prose of Edgar Allen Poe, one that longs to be Bella Lugosi or Vincent Price, to howl at the moon and be that well-dressed count in Victorian England that wanders the fog looking for something to quench the long cold nights, something warm, with a bitter sweet taste of copper and iron.

Halloween 365 days a year would still be one day short, if it were not for the music of this artist. “Lips Left Hissing” is magnificently surreal and has a little bit of evil in its madness, I can only imagine the process he takes when writing, it must come to him so much like a delirium, taking over, making his hands on the guitar merely a tool for the possession he embraces.

Favorite Tracks, “Lips Left Hissing”, “Can’t Have Her” and “Ten Kinds of Love”, but I find one track “From The Bell Jar” to be the most titillating, it has a deepness to it, like an animal tracking its prey, taunting the little thing, frightening it by jumping out from the shadows, giving it a smack, and then disappearing again, just to see it run.

Yes, I am a fan… Mwah-aha-hahahahah, now fetch your cape and your carriage, the sun sets and the moon rises, Bleek Noir awaits.

You cannot resist.

Bleek Noir can be found online on numerous online platforms:









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