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Are you a musician or want to be one?

Do you “play by ear” or play with people who do?

Do you have musical ideas you can’t express and share on paper?

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Frettable brings advanced artificial intelligence out of the lab and onto your device to empower you with quality transcriptions and song writing tools anytime, anywhere, on your instrument.

Founded by guitarist and music AI expert, Greg Burlet M.Sc. M.A. B.Sc., Frettable allows musicians of all skill levels to focus on the music, not how to write it down. Frettable allows you to: capture your song ideas online or offline using your device; automatically transcribe your recordings into sheet music and tabs; and to save, print, share, and collaborate on your and other’s songs anytime, anywhere. Frettable is the freedom and power for every musician to be an expert song writer.

Play, Write, Save & Print

Play your instrument and have Frettable’s advanced AI immediately write the sheet music for you to save and print. Frettable is truly polyphonic, handling both notes and chords. Tabs are also generated for guitar and other stringed instruments.

Share & Get Feedback

Share your songs with friends, family, band mates and Frettable’s active community of musicians and music enthusiasts. Receive comments and feedback to tweak and improve your creations. Get your songs quickly noticed on a global scale.

Inspire & Be Inspired

Inspired by another person’s creation and want to put your own spin on it? Go for it. Collaborate on any publicly posted song on Frettable by recording your own version. Be included in the chain of authorship so you share the credit when it becomes a hit!





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